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Online diaries

Medical Data Solutions and Services (MDSAS) provide online diaries for patients with hereditary angioedema and on immunoglobulin replacement therapy as below. These web apps are a great opportunity to easily record the progress of your condition. The information you enter would be used by the department to help manage your condition. We encourage you to look at the below sites and consider registering and recording your treatment and condition progress on the app.

Please do not register for these apps unless you are a known patient of ours on immunoglobulin or with confirmed hereditary angioedema.

Immunoglobulin replacement patients:

We are now a listed centre (Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust) on the Ig Home web app for recording treatment and infections.

Hereditary angioedema patients:

We are now a listed centre (Manchester University NHS FT) on the HAE web app for recording treatment and swellings.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about the apps.

Downloadable diaries

We also have downloadable diaries you can either complete on a computer or print and complete. The diaries are listed and linked below:

Hereditary angioedema swellings diary – for patients under our care with a confirmed diagnosis of HAE – this is an alternative to the online diary for HAE above.

Download here.

Infection diary for patients being assessed for immunodeficiency and for monitoring patients with confirmed immunodeficiency. This is an alternative option to the online diary for patients on immunoglobulin but is also suitable for any patient, whether under our care or not, to record infections.

Download here.

Infusion diary / record for patients on immunoglobulin therapy. This record can be completed on your computer or printed to complete and allows you to record all of your infusions and the batch numbers. This is an alternative to the MDSAS Online diary / webapp.

Download here.

Detailed infections and symptoms diary. This diary is a very detailed symptoms diary we occasionally recommend our patients complete when we are assessing response to treatments for immunodeficiency. We will advise selected patients to complete this diary as it is a lot of work to complete. This diary has to be completed on a computer and is in an excel workbook format.

Download here.

Suspected allergic reaction diary. This diary provides a way of recording suspected allergic reactions. We ask that all patients referred for suspected allergy to have completed a diary like this.

Download here.

Allergic rhinitis and hayfever survey. Patients being assessed for treatment of allergic rhinitis will be asked to complete one of these diaries. We will tell you which diary to complete and these diaries are in the excel workbook format. The diaries help us to understand the severity of the rhinitis and how the severity changes over the year, or with treatment. Please note that there are two different surveys linked below, we will give you guidance on which survey we would like you to complete when we see you in clinic. Patients waiting to be seen in clinic for allergic rhinitis can also complete the first one in advance of their appointment.

Survey for all patients being assessed for allergic rhinitis.

Download here.

Survey for patients about to start on desensitisation therapy.

Download here.