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Patients may be referred by their GP or from another hospital. 14 consultants are supported by a number of specialist nurses who offer treatment, counselling and advice for patients. Inpatients are generally treated in one of the gastroenterology wards AM3 and AM4, which also encompasses the Programmed Investigations Unit (PIU).

Many patients with gastroenterological problems undergo investigations with endoscopy (camera examinations of the bowel). Click here for the endoscopy department.  Many patients are referred to the X-ray department for investigations or procedures, for example liver biopsy under ultrasound guidance. Some patients may be treated at our GI Physiology unit, and gastroenterology patients may also be referred to our Nuclear Medicine department.

The Centre is committed to research, training and education. We are a tertiary referral centre and a teaching hospital, although there is no obligation for patients to see medical students or be part of trials.


The Manchester Centre for Gastroenterology and Hepatology is located in the ‘Gastroenterology, Hepatology and GI Investigations Building’ opposite main Outpatients Department (good description available on GI Physiology page)

The Centre also has a Gastroenterology and Endoscopy department at Trafford Hospitals.

Admission and appointments

Appointments are booked following a referral from your GP or from other consultants, and will be between 8am-5pm.

A conversation about Dyspepsia

An education video for GP’s and other healthcare professionals which focuses on Dyspepsia. This includes a discussion around the dyspepsia guidelines, H.pylori management and treatment of gastritis/oesophagitis.


A Conversation about Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The next video in the series is a conversation with Dr Simon Smale, Consultant Gastroenterologist, focusing on the diagnosis and management of IBS in a Primary Care setting. It includes discussion about the Manchester Faecal Calprotectin pathway.