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Dr Fiona Lesley is a Consultant Gastroenterologist and clinical lead for Nutrition, both here at Manchester Royal Infirmary and at Trafford Hospitals.
Her PA is Lorraine Jenkins 0161 2765423

She is an expert in all areas of nutrition working closely with Salford Royal Foundation Trust intestinal failure unit.

Her PA at Trafford is Michelle, who can be contacted on 0161 746 2378.

Her PA at Manchester Royal Infirmary is Wendy, who can be contacted on 0161 276 8880.

Nutritional Specialist Nurses

Our Nutrition Nurses can help you with any NG / NJ / PEG / PEG-J / RIG / RIG-J tube related enquiries.

Manchester Royal Infirmary 

Please contact – Srs Ruth Brierley or Natalie Welsh on 0161 276 4723

Or via switchboard (0161 276 1234) and ask for Bleeps 5531 or 8894.

Trafford Hospital

Please contact Srs Marina Goater or Sharon Davidson on 0161 746 2486.