Audiology (Children)

Welcome to Trafford Audiology. The Paediatric Audiology Service has both clinical scientists, audiologists and support staff who are all based at Trafford General Hospital. We also have clinics at Altrincham Hospital and at Chapel Road Clinic in Sale.
Important Notice

Changes to our services

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, and preparations which we as a set of hospitals are undertaking at this time, we are taking steps to ensure patient and staff safety before attending the department for a face-to-face appointment.

We have now resumed all of our services. We ask that you contact us by telephone or email should you wish to be booked in for a face-to-face appointment.

If you cannot attend due to symptoms of COVID-19, we will ask you to contact us after 14 days at least and when you are symptom free.

We ask that you attend alone where possible. If not, you may bring a maximum of one person with you. We also ask that you arrive as close to your appointment time as possible in order to minimise the number of people in the department.

You must be wearing a mask at all times. If you do not wear a mask your Audiologist reserves the right to refuse to see you.

Batteries can still be collected from the following locations:

  • Trafford General Hospital (main entrance)
  • Altrincham Hospital (main entrance)
  • Chapel Road clinic
  • Timperley Health Centre
  • Partington Health Centre
  • Delamere Health Centre

Our Contact:

Tel: 0161 746 2304 (adults)

0161 746 2911 (children)

Email: (adults) (children)

Thank you for your patience and support during this time. We look forward to seeing you again.

The Audiology team


All our appointments are out-patient appointments. The Paediatric Audiology Service accepts referrals from a wide range of professionals, including:  GPs, ENT surgeons, paediatricians, school nurses, health visitors, speech and language therapists and neurologists, as well as neonates referred automatically via the Newborn Hearing Screening Programme (NHSP).

All of clinics are by appointment only, so please arrange an appointment before attending.

Appointments for existing patients can be arranged by calling the department on 0161 746 2911


Our clinics are run Monday – Friday at:

  • Trafford General Hospital, Davyhulme
  • Altrincham Hospital, Altrincham
  • Chapel Road Clinic, Sale

Hearing aid batteries are available to collect in person from Trafford General Hospital, Altrincham General Hospital, Chapel Road Clinic and Partington Health Centre.


Clinics run from 8am – 5.30 pm, Mon-Fri during the week.

Contact Details:

Paediatric Audiology Department

Trafford General Hospital

Moorside Road


M41 5SL

Paediatric Audiology:

Phone: 0161 746 2911


Fax / Minicom: 0161 746 2450 (available Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm)

TypeTalk: 18001 0161 746 2911

Please note that it may be necessary to leave a message and someone will get back to you.

Additional Support:

Verbal and BSL Interpreters are available.

The Audiology department has many leaflets for patients and these are provided, when necessary, following the appointment. You may also find the following external websites useful.

We are not responsible for the content of external websites.

A charity offering services for deaf and hard of hearing people and also provide information and support on all aspects of deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus.

A national charity for the deaf and hard of hearing. Offers advice, campaign details and news and events information.

A charity for deaf children based in the United Kingdom.


Head of Audiology Services: Dr Greg Nassar, Principal Clinical Scientist

Clinical Lead: Mr Adam Walker

Clinical Scientist: Penny Birchall

Paediatric Audiologist: Rumannah Chothia

Paediatric Secretary: Mandy Warburton

Additional Information:

The Paediatric Audiology Service will undertake assessments on children for a wide range of reasons, including:

  • Parental / professional concern
  • If there are concerns regarding hearing or speech and language development
  • Persistent Glue ear
  • When there is a strong family history of congenital hearing loss
  • Frequent ear infections
  • In the case of serious childhood illness – e.g. meningitis
  • When a child requires follow-up from the Newborn Hearing Screening Programme
  • As part of a routine battery of assessments for children

Being part of the same trust, the audiology department has excellent links with the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital ensuring that all patients have access to specialist interventions wherever necessary.

The Paediatric Audiology Service has close links with the University of Manchester as well as with other departments in the North West to provide training for Audiology students and trainee clinical scientists.  Therefore, trainees or students may observe or perform part of the appointment.  Trainees and students are always directly supervised by a clinical scientist in Audiology who may be observing the appointment from an adjoining room.

Awards / Recognitions:

The Head of Department Dr Greg Nassar was awarded the accolade of “UK Audiologist of the Year 2014”

Clinical Lead Adam Walker received the “Paediatric Audiologist of the year award 2018”