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What are Adult Hearing Services?

The Adult Hearing Service is available for adults in and around Manchester who are concerned about their hearing or who have a known hearing problem. It offers a comprehensive and specialist clinical service to diagnose adults with hearing loss and to provide support and options to help improve hearing.

A hearing problem is not always obvious, as many hearing losses come on gradually over an extended period of time. There are different degrees and types of hearing impairment. A hearing loss may not be obvious in all situations, but it can limit a person’s social and work activities and can place a strain upon relationships.

Many adults with a hearing loss may first notice that they struggle to hear;

  • In environments where there is lots of background noise
  • On the phone
  • If someone calls them from another room

Who is the service for?

The Adult Hearing Service is a service for adults who:

  • Need a hearing test because they, or their family, have concerns about their hearing
  • Have a known hearing loss and need further help and support

The service receives referrals from general practitioners (GPs) or Ear, Nose and Throat doctors.

Who’s on the team?

The service is made up of a team of

  • Clinical Scientists
  • Audiologists
  • Hearing Therapists
  • Assistant Audiologists

The service also has strong links with the local

  • ENT department
  • Social services department
  • Genetics department

What services are provided?

Services offered include:

  • Specialist hearing assessment
  • Fitting of hearing aids
  • Evaluation of progress with hearing aids
  • Hearing therapy
  • Assessment for cochlear implantation and other specialist hearing aids as appropriate

Our aim

  • To provide you with an excellent service to meet your individual needs
  • To give you individual attention
  • To offer you access to any service within the department
  • To offer you a suitable appointment date
  • To make every effort to see you for an appointment on time
  • To be available to you should you need advice or re-assurance
  • To provide support when you are coming to terms with a hearing loss
  • To offer you help if a hearing loss causes problems or lifestyle changes
  • To ensure you feel confident and happy using a hearing aid

The Adult Hearing Service follows national guidelines and recognised best practice while also meeting the individual needs of adults and their families.

We involve adults in the decisions around the management of their hearing loss and in the development and improvement of our services.

What patients say about our service

“Nowhere has been as helpful, knowledgeable and supportive as the Audiology department at Manchester Royal Infirmary. I can honestly say that their support has been fantastic and has improved my quality of life. I would recommend their services to anyone.”

“If only all services were delivered as well as Audiology!”

“I am very happy and my hearing aids are fantastic. I am very grateful.”

“Brilliant service.”

“Definitely improved my quality of life.”

“Blown away by the quality of the care here compared to other Audiology departments in the area I’ve been to.”

“I have never felt so comfortable with staff and the treatment I was given. I feel with my new hearing aids I have a new life and that’s due to the staff listening to me as well.”