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Help – my speech processor isn’t working

The Drop in Clinic runs from 9am – 3pm. Alternatively you can contact us if you would like to request an appointment time between 3pm and 4 pm.

If possible please contact the team first before visiting the drop in clinic. Where possible we will try to have replacement equipment ready for you and reduce waiting times.

Phone: 0161 276 8079
Text only : 07580 822 867

Help – I have lost my speech processor

Information pack

Help – my speech processor is damaged

Information pack

Help – I’m going on holiday

The manufacturers of your Cochlear Implant run holiday loan schemes, for a fee payable directly to the company you can have equipment on loan to you for the duration of your holiday. Please contact the manufacturers directly for information or you can contact the Implant Centre for advice of if you have any questions.