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When there is a disruption to the balance system, such as an inner ear infection, you can feel dizzy and sick.  It can take a while for your brain to get used to the change in information it receives from the balance organs.  Balance rehabilitation aims to shorten the time it takes for the brain to re-learn how to use information from the balance organs.

The brain is very good at re-training itself however it has to experience the problem in order to do this.  It is therefore important that you remain as active as possible, and balance rehabilitation will help to expose your brain to challenging information from your balance organs, allowing it to re-learn how to use this information.


We will discuss what movements or situations can make the dizziness worsen and will practice some simple exercises together.  We will agree upon a few exercises for you to practice at home that will expose your brain to more challenging information from the balance organs and allow it to re-learn how to use this information as quickly as possible.  The aim of this is to help you cope better in day-to-day situations.

We will either arrange to telephone you to see how you are getting on or we will arrange a further appointment to discuss this.