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The Audiology Department at Central Manchester University Hospitals is committed to providing the highest quality care possible. We constantly assess and evaluate services to monitor the effectiveness of our management of hearing impaired patients.

We regularly look at the following areas:

  • Monitoring patient’s progress with their hearing aids through questionnaires.
  • How our appointments and services are provided to both adult and paediatric patients.
  • Monitoring our hearing aids and how we fit them.
  • Looking at patients journeys to Audiology after diseases or treatments that can affect their hearing.

Currently we are researching:

  • Cortical auditory evoked potentials from stimulation at the cochlear nucleus with an auditory brainstem implant (Martin O’Driscoll)
  • Cisplatin ototoxicity in children with cancer: Evaluating novel technologies and strategies for early detection (Rachel Booth)
  • Cortical auditory evoked potentials in cochlear implant users (Elizabeth Whittle)
  • Cortical auditory evoked potentials in normal hearing infants (Rachel Booth

Recent audit topics:

  • Grommet pathway comparison to NICE guidelines (Rachel Hopkins & Rachel Booth)
  • Middle ear implant outcomes (Penny Feltham)
  • ENT Referrals from Direct Referral appointments (Simon Howe)