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We are unable to accept referrals for molar endodontics (either primary or retreat) unless the tooth is of strategic importance – this would, for example, include teeth that are supporting essential bridgework.

The following are acceptable reasons (in non-molar teeth) for referral:

  • A second opinion is required.
  • A treatment plan is required.
  • There is a specific problem with the tooth, which cannot otherwise be treated in general practice. For example – management of open apices, resorption and trauma.
  • Where the medical history supports endodontic therapy rather than extraction (e.g. risk of osseonecrosis due to bisphosphonate medication or previous radiotherapy).
  • Where conventional endodontics has failed and a surgical approach may be required on any tooth other than a molar.


In addition to the above reason for referral, the following criteria must be met:

  • The patient is a regular attender in practice and is well motivated with no active caries or periodontal disease.
  • The letter of referral contains an indication of the history of the problem and of the treatment carried out to date.
  • The tooth must be restorable and functional.
  • A recent (within three months) high quality periapical radiograph of the tooth in question must be sent with the referral letter. Digital print-outs must be of diagnostic quality.