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Friends and Relatives

A friend or relative may accompany you on your visit. If you wish to have this person present during your consultation, please inform the dental nurse. Requests will be accommodated where possible and practical. Having someone with you at this time can be helpful, especially if you are hard of hearing or anxious about your treatment.


Make sure you eat as normal before attending.

Things to bring along

There are a few things you should prepare to bring with you, so we’ve created you a little check-list below to help.

  • Your appointment card or letter.
  • A list of any medication that you are taking.
  • Your NHS number, if known
  • Any other items requested on your appointment card or letter.
  • If you feel you may be entitled to assistance, please see section, Help with Travel Costs.

If attending for a hygiene appointment, please bring with you all the items you use to clean your teeth too.

Planing your day

Please note, your appointment may require you to have X-rays so please come with minimum jewelry.

If you are having a treatment and X-rays on the same day you may be at the hospital for the full morning or afternoon