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Photo of Mrs Yvonne D’Souza
Mrs Yvonne D’Souza

Consultant Ophthalmologist - Clinical Lead for Diabetic eye disease

Photo of Mr Tim de Klerk
Mr Tim de Klerk

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon and Clinical Lead for Cataract Services

Photo of Mr Guillermo De La Mata
Mr Guillermo De La Mata

Consultant Ophthalmologist

Photo of Mr Felipe Dhawahir-Scala
Mr Felipe Dhawahir-Scala

Consultant Ophthalmologist and Vitreoretinal Surgeon. Director of Acute Ophthalmic Services

Photo of Professor Cecilia Fenerty
Professor Cecilia Fenerty

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

Photo of Ms Abha Gupta
Ms Abha Gupta

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

Photo of Dr Robert Harper
Dr Robert Harper

Optometrist Consultant

Photo of Miss Nashila Hirji
Miss Nashila Hirji

Consultant Ophthalmologist

Photo of Miss Tsveta Ivanova
Miss Tsveta Ivanova

Consultant Ophthalmologist and Vitreoretinal Surgeon

Photo of Mr Assad Jalil
Mr Assad Jalil

Consultant Ophthalmologist, Vitreo-retinal Surgeon and Uveitis Specialist

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