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The Cancer Research Hub team has a complex and varied research portfolio, including interventional, observational, prevention, drug and device trials.

We are currently involved in studies in the following areas:

Breast cancer

MFT is a leading centre for Breast Cancer Research in the UK. There are a large number of Consultant-led studies running at the centre for invasive and pre-invasive (DCIS) breast cancer. The team has significant expertise in preventative surgery for women at high risk of breast cancer, as well as drug and surgical studies in women with a cancer diagnosis. Clinicians include trained onco-plastic surgeons who work to ensure maximal cosmetic outcomes for women.

Breast cancer prediction and prevention

The team based at the Nightingale Centre has a wealth of experience looking into predictors of developing breast cancer including genetics and breast density, possible preventative measures and dietary intervention.


The expert Haematology team made up of Consultants and specialist Research Nurses undertake a variety of clinical trials in cancer of the blood. There are studies running for diseases including myeloma, lymphoma and chronic leukaemia as well as for some pre-cancerous haematological conditions. This team is based in the Clinical Haematology Team.


With a small Urology team based at a Withington Hospital, there are a number of studies investigating diseases including bladder and prostate cancer.

Upper GI

The Upper GI team made up of Consultants and Research Nurses have extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge in disease areas such as cancer of the oesophagus (gullet) and Barret’s oesophagus.


The specialist colorectal team work in areas of cancer of the small and large bowel and rectal cancer. The team were one of the leading UK recruiters to a colorectal study.

For more information about any of our research studies, please contact the research office on 0161 291 4257.