Orthopaedics is an area of surgery concerned with injuries and conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system, which includes: the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves.

Your GP might refer you to our team for treatment of an injury such as a bone fracture, a deformity of the arm or leg, or a long-term condition that has developed over many years, such as osteoarthritis. You may attend the A&E department with an injury and be referred through to our Orthopaedic specialists for treatment.

We have 12 Consultant Surgeons who are all specialists in their own field, covering shoulder, elbow, hand & wrist conditions in the arm, and hip, knee and foot & ankle in the leg.


We have two dedicated wards with strict infection controls, a fracture clinic next door to the A&E department. Find out more about the Fracture Clinic here. The clinic is close to one of our x-ray suite but if you need assistance, we can arrange for a porter to take you and bring you back. All our theatres are next to our wards for easy transfer and are Clean Air certified, meaning they meet standards for contamination control.

Tests and treatment

The department has close links to the x-ray department and uses a comprehensive range of investigations including ultrasound scanning, CT and MRI. We have both occupational and physical therapists in the wards and in the out-patient department, and the Foot & Ankle team is complimented by podiatrists in the clinics.

We provide a wide range of surgical procedures, ranging from hip and knee replacements with short post-operative stays to get you back home quickly, to key-hole surgeries on all major joints, most of which are day case procedures.


We are involved with various local and national trials, and if you are suffering from a condition which one of the studies is investigating, your treating consultant will always ask your permission to include you in any trial, and answer any questions you may have about it.


Patients are referred by their GP or from the Muskuloskeletal clinics at MFT’s Withington Community Hospital.


Tier 2 Musculoskeletal Clinics take place at MFT’s Withington Community Hospital.

Phone: 0161 434 5555

The Fracture Clinic at MFT’s Wythenshawe Hospital is located in the Purple Zone near Entrance 2 in the Acute Block, off Southmoor Road. It is the first building as you approach the hospital along Southmoor Road, to the right of the A&E Entrance.
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Phone: 0161 291 6133

Trauma patients are treated on Ward A5 and Inpatient and Day Case patients on Ward A3, which can be reached through Entrance 3 – the main hospital entrance.