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All of our doctors are actively involved in national and international research programs and are supported by a team of dedicated specialist research nurses, practitioners and administrative scientists and together form the Thoracic Oncology Research Hub (TORCH).

Our lung cancer care team at MFT is multidisciplinary, including:

  • Five dedicated lung cancer and pleural physicians
  • Three medical oncologists and a visiting clinical oncologist (The Christie Hospital)
  • Five thoracic radiologists
  • Five thoracic pathologists
  • Five thoracic surgeons
  • Four research nurses
  • Three research practitioners
  • One clinical trials manager
  • Three administrative scientists

We run an extensive research programme across all disciplines from diagnosis to treatment and supportive care and can therefore offer our patients clinical trials of the most up to date treatments throughout their lung cancer care pathway. This means that our patients may be given the opportunity to take part in research to allow treatment with new procedures or cancer medicines which may widen their treatment options. Throughout involvement in clinical trials, our patients are cared for by the same medical team that would usually look after their care at MFT.

Our research encompasses diagnostic, treatment and supportive care studies across all the stages of lung cancer from precancerous to advanced stage disease. Our particular strengths lie in research in early disease, thoracic surgery, adjuvant therapy and mesothelioma. We are supported by an extensive tissue banking program where we can store and analyse patients’ samples to help offer them the best care and clinical trials for them. We are part of Cancer Research UK’s Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence and are involved in a number of national studies and initiatives funded by the charity.

If you would like to hear more about our research program, please contact the UHSM Research and Development office (0161 291 5770) who will direct you to a member of TORCH.