The department of urology at MFT provides cutting-edge specialist care for the North West as well as a comprehensive range of services for the local population in Manchester.

Together with The Christie hospital, the department is recognised for delivering highly specialised care in areas such as urological cancer, kidney stone disease and incontinence, receiving tertiary referrals from the whole North West region for complex cases of these conditions. The team has received accolades for providing a “world class service” for patients with urological cancers and outcomes for cancer surgery here are among the best in the country. Find out more about the benefits of Urology treatment at MFT here.

We are also a major training centre for urology specialist trainees, junior doctors, overseas doctors, nurses and students with permanent placements, courses and examinations running on-site and links with Manchester University.


We see patients with symptoms of:

  • Pain associated with the urinary tract
  • Problems of urination
  • Cystitis
  • Incontinence
  • Blood in the urine
  • Impotence
  • Scrotal and testicular lumps
  • Tight foreskin
  • Penile abnormalities including curvature

Urological cancers

MFT has received accolades for providing a “world class service” for patients with urological cancers. Patients are managed in a multidisciplinary fashion with dedicated internationally renowned cancer surgeons and specialist nurses. Suspected cancer patients are seen within two weeks, with the investigation and treatment delivered within eight weeks, according to national guidelines. Outcomes for cancer surgery here are one of the best in the country and patient feedback is consistently good. There are strong links with The Christie Hospital, where two of our surgeons also work.


  • One of the first centres in the North West to use minimally invasive techniques such as keyhole surgery (laparoscopy) in urology, which is now the gold standard treatment of certain kidney cancers.
  • The regional centre for managing the more complex kidney cancers such as those where there is cancer extension into the main blood vessel (IVC) and into the heart, requiring a multidisciplinary approach with cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons’ involvement.
  • The only centre in Manchester to offer the minimally invasive kidney preserving treatment cryotherapy for small kidney cancers.
  • Association with The Christie where our surgeons carry out the robotic prostatectomy, the state of the art technique for curative surgery of prostate cancer. The link with The Christie also provides cancer support and non-surgical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy for our patients.
  • Recognised for achieving excellent outcomes of radical cystectomy, the bladder removal operative treatment for invasive bladder cancer.
  • Centre in the North West offering hyperthermic mitomycin chemotherapy treatment for superficial bladder cancers that do not respond to conventional treatments.


Mr Vijay Ramani (robotic prostatectomy, complex open renal surgery, cystectomy)
Mr Vijay Sangar (cystectomy, open renal surgery, penile cancer)
Ms Hazel Warburton (laparoscopic renal surgery, renal cryotherapy)
Mr Karyee Chow (laparoscopic renal surgery)

Kidney Stone Disease

The Stone Centre at MFT has two dedicated stone surgeons and a multidisciplinary team with a long track record of managing complex kidney stone disease, receiving referrals from all around the North West region. Our patients receive highly specialised care with a holistic approach including individual stone risk assessment with a view to preventative measures, which are often neglected. Stone treatment outcomes and patient feedback are excellent.

  • One of the first units in the country providing non-invasive outpatient shockwave therapy for kidney stones (lithotripsy) with the latest on-site machine.
  • Dedicated stone clinics with multidisciplinary input from dietitian and biochemist to optimise management.
  • Full biochemical support for assessing stone formation risk in the blood and urine with a view to preventative strategies.
  • All the latest techniques in stone surgery offered including supine PCNL (keyhole surgery) and flexible ureterorenoscopy (telescopic procedure) with laser.
  • Participation in national audits of stone surgery with excellent results.
  • Immediate CT scan (the gold standard investigation for kidney stones) in the Accident and Emergency for suspected ureteric colic (pain from obstructing kidney stones).
  • The only Centre with a 24-hour and 365-day radiology support for emergency intervention (nephrostomy) in complicated obstructed stone cases.
  • Good track record of conducting stone research with a dedicated research scientist and involvement in national trials.


Mr Graham Young
Mr Karyee Chow

Functional Urology, Incontinence and Sexual Dysfunction

The unit is recognised for its specialist assessment and management of bladder dysfunction and incontinence. Our consultants are experts in the field and deal with complex cases of such conditions with state of the art investigations and treatment techniques. A multi-disciplinary approach is used, with physiotherapists and specialist nurses involved. We work closely with the community continence team creating efficient management pathways between community and hospital care. Patient satisfaction is high and outcomes excellent.


  • Extensive experience at providing video urodynamics, the ‘gold standard’ investigation for urinary incontinence.
  • One of few centres to offer other more specialised investigations such as ‘ambulatory’ urodynamics and the Whitaker’s test for difficult diagnosis.
  • Providing the full range of incontinence surgery including fascial slings, colposuspensions, the minimally invasive trans-vaginal (TVT) and trans-obturator tapes (TOT); BULKAMIDTM urethral injections and botox injections for bladder overactivity.
  • Experienced surgeon in complex female urethral and urinary tract fistula surgery.
  • One-stop outpatient service for the assessment of lower urinary tract symptoms.
  • Strong links with the community incontinence service providing integrated care and support out of the hospital.
  • Specialist erectile dysfunction clinics where all therapeutic options are offered.
  • Our patients have also the option of penile corrective surgery for curvatures and penile implant for impotence.


Mr Richard Montague (video urodynamics & incontinence surgery)
Ms Hazel Warburton (urodynamics)
Mr Thiru Gunendran (male urodynamics)
Mr Nicholas George (ambulatory urodynamics)
Mr Vijay Sangar (penile surgery)


Our facilities include a purpose built assessment unit at MFT’s Wythenshawe and Withington hospitals. Our specialist Urology consultants also run community clinics in Sale, Wilmslow and Davyhulme.


General and specialist outpatient services are provided at dedicated units at the Urology Assessment Unit at Wythenshawe Hospital and at the Urology department in The Withington Community Hospital. The service is run and delivered by experienced and dedicated urology consultants, junior doctors and specialist nurses.

The aim is to provide a “one stop” service where possible with patients fully assessed and investigated on the same day and a plan of management agreed upon. Community clinics in Wilmslow, Davyhulme and Sale are also being carried out by our consultants, bringing care closer to our patients, making it more convenient for them to attend. These clinics are accessible by GPs through the Choose and Book system.

Specialist clinics

  • Oncology / cancer
  • Joint metabolic kidney stone
  • Lower urinary tract / prostate assessment
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Catheter care
  • Cystitis Intravesical therapy (bladder instillations)
  • Telephone advice and follow-up

Outpatient investigations

  • Flexible cystoscopy
  • Urodynamics (simple, video, ambulatory)
  • Prostate biopsies
  • Urinary flow rate
  • Kidney, bladder and scrotal ultrasound blood and urine test


The Urology Assessment Unit is located on the 1st Floor in the General Outpatient department
at MFT’s Wythenshawe Hospital. Telephone: 0161 291 2438

Urology department, 1st floor, Withington Community Hospital, Nell Lane, West Didsbury, M20 2LR. Telephone: 0161 217 4221

Community Clinics

Wilmslow Health Centre, 20 Chapel Lane, Wilmslow SK9 5HX
Davyhulme Medical Centre, 130 Broadway, Davyhulme M41 7WJ
Firsway Health Centre, 121 Firsway, Sale M33 4BR

Inpatients and Ward

Patients requiring inpatient services and emergency care are admitted to the dedicated urology ward (F3) at MFT’s Wythenshawe Hospital, where highly trained and experienced staff will care for them round the clock. There are 24 dedicated urology inpatient beds. Patients are cared for in same sex bays with eight side rooms for appropriate patients. Consultants conduct daily ward rounds seeing all urology patients including weekends and bank holidays providing a 365-day service.

There is a day room with a plasma screen TV for the use of patients and relatives, and access to garden for patients and relatives. Regular auditing of ward outcomes and processes occur to constantly improve patient care. Patient satisfaction is consistently high and acquired infection rates are low.


1st floor F block wing (Green zone) at Wythenshawe Hospital – find us on a map.

Visiting times

11am – 8pm daily. The ward promotes partnership in care – please ask.

Having an operation

Simple day case operations are carried out at either MFT’s Wythenshawe Hospital or at Withington Community Hospital.

Operations requiring inpatient stay are carried out at Wythenshawe. Patients requiring more specific cancer operations such as a robotic prostatectomy have this performed at The Christie. Patients have a pre-operation assessment two to four weeks before surgery to ensure they are suitably prepared for surgery so that the best outcome is achieved.

Inpatients are admitted through the dedicated surgical admissions lounge on the same day and seen by the surgeon, anaethetist and nurse to further ensure they are ready for the operation. Any other pre-operation preparation is carried out efficiently in comfortable surroundings.

Following the operation, patients are returned to the appropriate ward (F3 in most cases) and will be cared for by experienced and dedicated nurses and doctors around the clock until discharge.

The Enhanced Recovery Programme is used for appropriate patients to ensure full and speedy recovery. Appropriate follow-up is then arranged after discharge, which may include a telephone call or outpatient clinic attendance.

Why Choose Us?

Sub-specialist care

All our consultants are experts in a particular area of urology, and we at MFT ensure that the most appropriate specialist for your particular condition provides your care.

Multidisciplinary approach

This approach ensures that you receive integrated care from a team of specialists that may include dedicated MacMillan specialist nurses, specialist oncology nurse, stone specialist nurse, stone dietitian, stone biochemist, general urology specialist nurses, uro-radiologist and uro-pathologist.

Low hospital-acquired infection rates

MRSA and Clostridium difficile episodes have been in single figures for the last few years.

Waiting times

More than 90 per cent of new cancer referrals to the MFT are seen within two weeks and receive definitive treatment within two months of referral. Waiting times for a general new outpatient appointment are between one and four weeks – 90 per cent of our patients have their operation within 12 weeks of being listed.

Greater patient choice and convenience

General urology outpatient clinics will soon be provided at a number of locations around the South Manchester, Cheshire and Trafford area. If hospital treatment is required we try our best to match your preferred date to our availability.

For further information about our services, please call the Urology assessment unit on 0161 291 2438.


Wythenshawe Hospital

Ward F3 is located on the 1st floor of the F block wing (Green Zone).
The Urology Assessment Unit is on the 1st floor of the general outpatient department (Yellow Zone).
The lithotripsy unit is on the 1st floor at the end of the F block wing (Green Zone).

Withington Community Hospital

Urology department, 1st floor, Withington Community Hospital, Nell Lane, West Didsbury, M20 2LR.

Contact Us

Ward F3 (inpatient) 0161 291 2208

Urology assessment unit 0161 291 2438
Withington urology department 0161 217 4221

Lithotripsy unit 0161 291 2492

Nurse consultant (Withington) 0161 217 3078
McMillan nurses 0161 217 3906
Waiting list 0161 291 2485 / 0161 217 3163