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The NIHR Respiratory and Allergy Clinical Research Facility (RACRF) is a research facility set up with funding from the NIHR to facilitate both translational and experimental research.

The RACRF supports a wide range of respiratory and allergy research in key disease areas such as Chronic Cough, Food Allergy, Fungal Disease and COPD throughout MFT and The University of Manchester. The unit also supports research within severe asthma, critical care and infectious diseases, cystic fibrosis and Interstitial Lung Disease and has a dedicated and highly trained team of clinicians, research nurses, clinical research physiologists and project management team to facilitate the delivery of multiple clinical trials. The RACRF’s core is located over two floors in the North West Lung Research Centre at MFT. The RACRF also works closely with the UHSM R&D (Research & Development) directorate.

From a national perspective, the RACRF is one of 19 Clinical Research Facilities (CRF’s) located throughout the UK. All the CRFs are funded, or part-funded by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR). The 19 CRFs are linked together through the UK CRF Network which work together to share best practice in delivering clinical trials and research studies. The UKCRF Network holds an annual conference, usually in July, to allow CRFs to collaborate and showcase current work. The RACRF is slightly unique amongst the 19 CRFs as it is disease-theme specific and specialises in respiratory and allergy research. The Strategy of the RACRF is to deliver experimental medicine studies and early-phase clinical trials throughout the aforementioned respiratory disease themes.

To contact the RACRF research team, please call 0161 291 5388 or 0161 291 4168 or email us on