The Radiology Department aims to demonstrate a caring and compassionate attitude and try to offer prompt appointments allowing patients to have a choice of timings wherever possible.

X-rays are taken to help diagnose problems with bones and areas of the body such as the chest and abdomen. Scans such as CT and MR are used to give more detailed pictures of parts of the body such as the brain, spine, heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. Ultrasound scans are used to give detailed pictures of the abdomen, as well as joints such as the shoulder. They are also used to check the growth of babies in pregnant women.


The Radiology Department has the safety of patients as a priority and work to a high standard using as little radiation as possible. The Radiology Department supports the training of nurses, radiographers and doctors and works closely with the Universities of Salford and Manchester. As part of a teaching hospital, the Radiology Department actively supports research.


Computed Tomography (CT): 0161 291 4204
Magnetic Resonance (MR): 0161 291 4735
Ultrasound appointments: 0161 291 2899
All other examinations: 0161 291 2186

It may be necessary to take contact details and get a more appropriate person to call you back – if your question is clinical or very technical in nature.

For general questions about Radiology contact the secretaries on 0161 291 6223 / 0161 291 6224


The Radiology service is provided at Wythenshawe Hospital and Withington Hospital.

Wythenshawe: Acute Block, Purple Route and F Block Yellow Route (Outpatients)

The Radiology Department also provides a comprehensive breast imaging service, both at Genesis Nightingale Centre, based on site, and as part of the National Breast Screening Service, providing mobile mammography across the communities of Greater Manchester.