Dermatologists diagnose and treat diseases of the skin, hair and nails. Our Dermatology service at MFT is a consultant–led outpatient service for adults and children.

Our team includes dermatology consultants, GPs with a specialist interest in dermatology, and specialist nurses who provide assessment and treatment for a wide range of inflammatory skin diseases including: psoriasis, eczema and acne.

Your GP might also refer you to our service for mole examination and identification of skin lesions as well as treatment for skin cancer and pre-cancers where necessary.


We offer a number of Dermatology clinics at MFT. These clinics take place both at Withington Community Hospital and Wythenshawe Hospital. Dermatology is exclusively an outpatient service at MFT and any patients needing inpatient treatment for severe skin disease are referred to Salford Royal Hospital where there are specialist dermatology beds.

Test and treatment

We provide a range of diagnostic tests including skin biopsy, blood tests, microbiology and mycology samples for identification of skin infections. If you are referred to our service, your consultant may also ask for a clinical photograph of your condition to be taken as part of your assessment and treatment. Clinical photographs are taken at our specialist Medical Illustration unit at the MFT Academy at the Wythenshawe site.

Your medical team will advise you about different skin treatments for your condition, including topical creams and oral medication. We also have an Ultraviolet light treatment unit (UVB TLO1 and PUVA) used to treat certain skin conditions, and facilities for Photodynamic therapy.

Skin Cancer

Patients with possible skin cancer are seen in dedicated clinic appointment slots. Diagnosis and treatment with surgery may be undertaken in the Dermatology service. You may also be referred on to the Department of Plastic Surgery at MFT, with whom we work closely. Skin cancer cases are discussed at fortnightly multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings.


Patients interested in taking part in dermatology research projects are referred on to colleagues at Salford Royal Hospital for clinical trials.

How can I be referred to the service?

We accept patient referrals to our service from GPs. If your GP suspects you may have skin cancer, they will refer you on a Two-Week Wait urgent referral so that a specialist can see you as quickly as possible.


Phone: 0161 217 3912
Fax: 0161 217 2914


The Dermatology service is based at Withington Community Hospital on Nell Lane, West Didsbury, M20 2LR.