Haematology involves the diagnosis and treatment of patients who have disorders of the blood. The Haematology department at MFT looks after a wide range of malignant (cancerous) and non-malignant haematological conditions.

We have a comprehensive Haematology Department using the latest techniques to analyse blood and diagnose a wide range of conditions.

The service is a Consultant led service with a small team of nurses meaning that the patients get to know all of the team involved in their care. Most care takes place on the haematology day unit.

The Consultants investigate and treat patients for chronic leukaemias, lymphomas, myeloproliferative disorders and myeloma. Non-malignant conditions treated include thrombosis, bleeding disorders and anaemias. There are specialist clinics for with Obstetrics and Respiratory for pulmonary emboli. We also run an Anticoagulation Clinic for patients on anticoagulant (blood clot preventing) treatment and those with blood clotting disorders and conditions with potential to cause clotting.

Tests we carry out include :

  • Counting the number of red cells, white cells and platelets in the blood
  • Looking at cells under the microscope
  • Assessing how quickly the patient’s plasma forms a clot
  • Carrying out blood grouping
  • Selecting blood for transfusion

Blood Transfusion Laboratory

The Blood Transfusion laboratory supports surgery, trauma, maternity, bleeding disorders and cancer therapy with blood, blood products (any component of the blood which is collected from a donor for use in a blood transfusion) and clinical advice.

Anticoagulation Clinic

The Anticoagulation and Haematology Research Unit monitors patients on anticoagulants (e.g. blood clot preventing medication such as Warfarin) and carries out research in this area. If you have a first appointment at the clinic, please bring your anticoagulant yellow book and all current medicines.


The haematology department has a wide range of clinical trials for both malignant and none-malignant blood disorder. Talk to your consultant about whether there is a trial suitable for you.


The Haematology department at Wythenshawe Hospital is located on the first floor of the Outpatients department, in the Yellow Zone.

Patient referrals

Outpatient clinics take place on both Wythenshawe and Withington hospital sites. Our day case treatment unit is at Wythenshawe hospital.

Telephone: 0161 291 2114 or 0161 291 4797

Contact us

Telephone Anticoagulation Clinic: 0161 291 4798
Telephone Laboratory and Research: 0161 291 2126/2127
Fax: 0161 291 2125