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The Paediatric Elective Treatment Centre (Ward 76) has a total of 54 beds within 3 areas of the Unit. Day case has 14 beds with an Admissions Bay with 11 pods. Short Stay has 22 beds and Medical Investigations has a 6 bedded bay with 4 Active treatment room clinics running daily. Ward 76 caters for all specialties, both surgical and medical, in one Unit.

Our Staff

Ward Manager – Caren Westhead
Matron – Faye Taylor


First Floor
Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital
Oxford Road
M13 9WL

Contact details

Reception – 0161 701 7600
Daycase – 0161 701 7602
Medical Investigations/Waiting Room – 0161 701 7603
Short Stay – 0161 701 7618

Admissions to Ward 76

On average, 60-90 patients attend Ward 76 each day. Patients are admitted for planned scheduled care, which can either be medical, surgical or diagnostic procedures.

If your child is being admitted for a surgical procedure, you will initially be seated in a waiting area and transferred to theatre from there. Following your child’s surgery, they will go to a bed or trolley within the department. Sometimes they will not return to Ward 76; they may go to another ward, or can be discharged home from theatre. If this is the case you will be informed this is happening before your child goes to theatre.

When coming into hospital for surgery, it is essential you follow the instructions in your child’s letter about starving times; failure to do so is likely to result in the procedure being postponed to a new date. On arrival onto the unit you will be seen by a nurse, anaesthetist and a doctor. You will be asked a variety of questions and to sign the consent form if you have not previously completed this in outpatients.

There can be up to 8 theatre lists occurring at one time from Ward 76. You will potentially see many patients being taken to theatre before it is your child’s turn; the nursing team will aim to keep you up to date on progress through the lists.

After theatre your child will be allowed to eat and drink, unless the medical team have said otherwise. After a period of observation (usually 2 hours) you may be discharged home.

The medical investigations and waiting room area is nurse led, caring for patients attending for diagnostic procedures to determine their diagnosis or treatment required, and for patients having regular infusions or injections.

Other procedures which occur in medical investigations are taking blood, removal of dressings, catheters and plasters.

Visiting Times

Parents/carers of patients have unrestricted visiting; all other visitors may visit during the course of the day, with a maximum of two visitors at the bedside.We ask that all visitors comply with our infection control policy and use the alcogel on entering and leaving the ward.

Facilities for parents or carers

We do not allow parents and visitors to bring hot food or drinks onto the main ward. However, there is a parents’ room situated on short stay, where you can take them, and there is also a fridge, hot water and a microwave for your use in this room.Short stay can accommodate one parent at the bedside overnight and most bed spaces have a pull down beds for parents.

Activities/play input

Ward 76 takes pride in the individualised care we provide to children who require play therapy and distraction. Families who feel they may need a play referral please contact the Play Services department on 0161 701 0698.The unit has a play specialist, who assists with distraction and preparation therapies. We also have two play leaders who assist with activities for the children to complete during their stay. A fully equipped playroom is available for patients to access, and activities are available in the main waiting area.

Other entertainment which occurs during the week is provided by our Giggle Doctors, a magician and Royal Northern College of Music students who visit the ward to entertain the patients and families.