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What are the visiting hours and who can visit?

  • On the day of your child’s operation please keep visitors to a minimum.
  • Parents and carers can visit at any time.
  • Other visitors are welcome but are asked to leave by 8.00 pm as children will be settling to sleep.
  • As space per bed is limited we ask that your child has no more than four visitors at any one time.
  • All children visiting who are under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult. It is the parents’ and carers’ responsibility to supervise their children at the hospital.
  • If you or any visitors have been exposed to any infections such as chicken pox, measles, diarrhoea and vomiting please check with staff before entering the ward.
  • For more details about visiting arrangements, please visit the web page of the ward or ask the ward staff:

Car Parking

Car Parking information can be found in our visitors section.

Catering Facilities

If you come to an outpatient clinic or to visit someone in hospital, there are several places to eat or buy food in and near the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, plus a branch of W H Smith (open 8.00am – 7.30pm) which is on the left past the main entrance.

Costa Coffee

Situated on the ground floor at the back of the Atrium.

Moment To

Situated on the ground floor near to Costa coffee. This is a restaurant area which serves breakfast, lunch, dinners and hot snacks throughout the day. Closes at 8pm (times when main meals will be served will be displayed within the restaurant).


Situated within the Moment To restaurant on the ground floor. Closes at 8pm.


Situated in the Eye Hospital along the main hospital corridor. This is a restaurant area which serves breakfast, lunch, dinners and hot snacks throughout the day and night. Open 24 hours.

M & S Simply Food

Situated just outside the Eye Hospital entrance off The Boulevard.

Infection Control Advice

Our Trust is participating in the Clean Your Hands campaign and actively encourages staff, patients and visitors to wash their hands, whilst visiting and carrying out patient care.

All visitors/parents/carers please use the Alcohol Hand gel from the dispenser before entering and leaving the ward you are visiting. If you are unable to access the gel, please ask the ward staff to assist.

Hand washing is essential:

  • After visiting a toilet
  • After changing nappies
  • Before meal times – please ask ward staff if facilities aren’t readily accessible
  • Before and after participating in any nursing care e.g. suctioning a tracheostomy tube.

Please inform the ward staff if you or any of your child’s brothers and sisters has an infection that may be passed on to others. Coughs and colds may not be a problem for yourselves or your children, but may be more serious if passed on to other more vulnerable children in hospital.

Prayer Rooms

There is a multi-faith Prayer Room available on each site. If you wish to speak to a faith leader please ask a member of staff.

Alcohol/Recreational Drugs

Alcohol and drugs are not permitted on the hospital premises. Parents or visitors who are considered to be intoxicated or in possession of alcohol or recreational drugs will be asked to leave the hospital.

Smoke free hospitals

The Trust operates a Smoke Free Policy. Smoking is not allowed in the hospital buildings. Smoking is only permitted in the designated external smoking shelters.

Zero Tolerance Policy

We are committed to the well-being and safety of our patients and our staff. Please treat other patients and staff with the courtesy and respect that you would expect to receive.

Verbal abuse, harassment and physical violence are unacceptable and may lead to prosecutions.