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Things to do in hospital

Even though hospitals can seem a bit scary, you can also have great fun. The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital has some of the best play services in the country! There are playrooms, sensory rooms, music, craft activities and lots of other fun things to do.

You can play on the Nintendo Wii or on the computers, watch the TV, listen to music, play games or draw a picture. But don’t worry when you are told to go back to the ward as there are evening and weekend cupboards with toys and games.

Play specialists are involved in many other schemes and projects they also arrange events and entertainers such as ‘Music in Hospitals’, POD entertainment shows and Theodora Giggle Doctors.

We also have a brilliant roof top play area on the third floor. In the hospital garden on the Boulevard, there is also a special area for children to play – look out for our Manchester Bee there too!