The department was established in 1967. It was the first paediatric nephrology service in the North of England, the first to offer a dedicated paediatric haemodialysis service in 1974 and our first kidney transplant took place in 1982. The department provides a comprehensive clinical and research service for children and young people with kidney disorders from a catchment population of 3.5 million across the North West of England.

Inpatient and dialysis service

The department manages 450 inpatients and over 300 day case reviews each year.  On average, 20 kidney transplants (including ABO/HLA incompatible) are performed annually in addition to 80 kidney biopsies. The department offers a daytime on-call service for dialysis each day. Long-term peritoneal dialysis is provided for 10-20 children and chronic haemodialysis (in-centre and home) for 10-15 children each month. Plasma exchange, LDL-apheresis and lipid apheresis treatments are also performed within the department.

Outpatient service

The department reviews over 500 new patients and in excess of 2000 follow-up patients per year on site. Together with general nephrology, dialysis (peritoneal dialysis and haemodialysis), chronic kidney disease and transplant clinics we run the following joint/specialty clinics: Alport and thin basement membrane diseases, cystinosis, tuberous sclerosis, renal stones, metabolic/MMA, antenatal, renal genetics, vasculitis, lower urinary tract dysfunction, paediatric-adult transition, and acute kidney injury (AKI) follow-up clinics.

The department provides shared outreach clinics, via 12 district hospital partnerships, stretching from Barrow-in-Furness in the north of the region to Crewe in the south. Each hospital is visited three or more times per year and around 600 reviews are undertaken in such clinics.


Activity within the department spans the spectrum of basic science to clinical translational research. This incorporates important cross-faculty collaborations within the University of Manchester, in addition to partnerships within the wider Academic Nephrology Network in Manchester. Research funding in excess of £6million has been awarded to members of the department over the past 6 years (2014-2020) from the following funding agencies: NIHR, Wellcome Trust, MRC, BBSRC, Kidney Research UK, Kids Kidney Research and Kidneys for Life.  The department maintains an active and diverse portfolio of research ranging from complex clinical trials to qualitative and interview studies.  We also contribute to several national and international Rare Disease Registries.

Departmental contact

Joan Shiels, Renal Unit Administrator

Dr Amrit Kaur, Clinical Lead
Tel:  0161 701 2161 

Inpatient/dialysis contact

Ward 77: Tel: 0161 701 7700
Dialysis Unit: Tel: 0161 701 7604

Administrative team

Lauren Tomlins (PA to Dr Shenoy, Dr Wallace and Dr Kaur) Tel: 0161 701 2961

Katherine Wain (PA to Dr Plant, Dr Brix, Prof Lennon & Prof Woolf) Tel: 0161 701 1676

Gaynor Knott (Assistant medical secretary)

Joan Shiels (Renal unit administrator) Tel: 0161 701 2161

Mohamed Mohamed (Clerical officer) Tel: 0161 701 1652

Nephrology consultant team and special interests

Dr Christian Brix:                     Transplantation, nephrotic syndrome

Dr Amrit Kaur:                         CKD, dialysis, cystinosis, renal metabolic diseases, transition

Professor Rachel Lennon:       Alport syndrome, AKI, research (glomerular cell biology)

Dr Nick Plant:                          Transplantation, urodynamics, tuberous sclerosis, vasculitis, antenatal counselling

Dr Mohan Shenoy:                  Transplantation, hypertension, renal stones, vasculitis, antenatal counselling

Dr Dean Wallace:                    CKD, dialysis, home haemodialysis, bladder dysfunction

Professor Nick Webb              (Honorary Consultant), transplantation, research

Professor Adrian Woolf:         Renal genetics, research (urinary tract development)

Nephrology senior nursing team and specialist role

Denise Roberts:                       Chronic kidney disease and pre-transplant listing

Cora Lahart:                            Incentre haemodialysis and dialysis unit manager

Kate Sinnott:                            Home haemodialysis

Pam Slack:                               Peritoneal dialysis

Liz Edwards:                            Transplantation

Michael Noteyoung:                Advanced clinical practitioner

Abigail Spindler:                      Renal nurse educator

Helen Barber:                         Acute kidney injury

Allied health professionals’ team

Yvie Morley:                                        Health play specialist

Rebecca Hayes:                                   Dietitian

Verity Burt:                                          Dietitian

Gavin Pinington:                                  Pharmacist

Dr Jacqueline Nicholson:                     Clinical psychologist

Dr Kelly-Marie Peel-Wainwright:       Clinical psychologist

Research team

Angela Branson:                      Senior clinical trials coordinator

Aaron Cocker-Swanick:           Data administrator

Post to be advertised:             Senior paediatric clinical nephrology research nurse

Paediatric transplant surgical team

Mr Afshin Tavakoli:                 Consultant in paediatric transplant surgery, clinical lead

Dr Davandra Patel:                  Consultant in paediatric anaesthetic, clinical lead


Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital
Oxford Road
M13 9WL

Links and useful websites

Further clinical information, research and social media activity can be found with the following links:

Twitter; @nephrology_RMCH

Instagram; @dept_nephrology_rmch