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The Department of Paediatric Otolaryngology at RMCH is a state of the art facility providing children’s emergency, secondary and regional tertiary services. We strive to provide world-class, evidence-based care within a supportive, multidisciplinary, patient-centred environment. The provision of these secondary and tertiary services provides an impressive facility for children and babies from the North West of England, across the UK and internationally

Paediatric Otolaryngology at RMCH is delivered by six ENT Consultants supported by one Senior Clinical Fellow and two Specialist Trainees. Our department provides secondary and tertiary level ENT care for children from birth to adolescence. All our Consultants have expertise both within the general scope of paediatric ENT practise as well as their own subspecialist interests.

We provide outpatient clinic and theatre services every day of the working week. These comprise both general outpatient clinics as well as specialist clinics dedicated to the assessment and management of facial nerve palsies, congenital ear atresias/microtia, joint ENT/allergy clinic, implantation otology, a clinic dedicated to managing children with mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) and an airway clinic.

We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our Consultant colleagues from other specialties to provide a holistic and integrated approach, coordinating multiple interventions and services, built around the complex continuum of a child’s needs.

We are wonderfully supported by a team of allied health professionals including an advanced nurse practitioner, tracheostomy specialist practitioner, Audiologists, speech and language therapists, pharmacists, dieticians, physiotherapists and other staff. Harnessing the expertise and skills of these different professionals across a  range of health, social care and community services allows us to assess, plan and manage care jointly, working proactively to support an individual child’s care goals.

We are committed to research and education. We have formal teaching affiliations with the University of Manchester across all levels of medical training, from undergraduate medical education through to MD and PhD candidates. We welcome both national and international Clinical Fellows annually allowing them the opportunity to gain further experience in secondary and tertiary level care, in addition to the management of complex ENT cases. We also host a vibrant research program within the department, reflected in our national and international publications.