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Welcome to the Department of Paediatric Otolaryngology, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Medical Education and Fellowship Programme.

We are committed to the training and education of future leaders in paediatric otolaryngology. Our mission is to prepare our under- and post graduate trainees with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide evidence-based, multidisciplinary care for children with routine or complex medical and/or surgical conditions in all areas of paediatric otolaryngology.

With this in mind, we run a variety of programmes encompassing medical student education, Observership programmes and a Fellowship programme. Each programme is tailored to facilitate the development of patient evaluation, medical management and surgical intervention for both routine and complex cases. Participants in these programmes will work closely with our team of Consultants who will endeavour to provide an excellent foundation in all areas of paediatric otolaryngology from an educational, clinical, and research perspective. We aspire that those who participate in these programmes will be able to return back to their communities to treat children with the highest levels of care possible.