Photo of Dr Phil Barber

Dr Phil Barber

Lung Cancer Physician

FRCP London

I obtained my medical degree from Manchester University and have a special interest in interventional bronchoscopy including brachytherapy, photodynamic therapy, auto-fluorescence and stenting. I initiated lung cancer screening in Manchester, as Lung Cancer Lead Clinician for the Macmillan Cancer Improvement Partnership which designed and funded the project. I am a specialist adviser to the NICE Centre for Clinical Practice and a Board Director of the Medicines Evaluation Unit. I am a former director of the Heart and Lung Division, and Chair of the GM Lung Cancer Network. I am co-chair of the new GM Tobacco Control Network. I am also a medico-legal expert in occupational respiratory medicine, lung injury and pulmonary function testing

I have over 100 peer-reviewed publications. My recreational interests include:  Aston Martin Owners Club, football, and classical Piano.