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We provide a large number of clinics across all both our hospital sites. This section of our website outlines what to expect when you visit the outpatients department.

Getting to the right department

Please check your appointment letter/card to find the department or clinic you are attending. When you arrive at the hospital if you are not sure where to go, please ask at the information desk. These can be found at the main entrances to Withington and Wythenshawe Hospitals, and at the Outpatients entrance at Wythenshawe Hospital.


Wythenshawe Hospital

Our main outpatients department can be accessed from Entrance 5. You may be directed to another area of the hospital for your appointment. Please refer to your appointment letter.

Withington Community Hospital

The outpatients department is on the ground floor of the hospital a few minutes walk along the main corridor.

What will happen at your appointment

When you get to the right department, report to the receptionist or check in using the self-check in service located in some areas. The receptionist/self-check in device will check your personal details against the hospital records. It is important that you tell the receptionist if any of your personal details have changed since you last provided them at the hospital or to your GP.

You may be asked to go to another area for any tests the doctor has arranged before you see him/her. You will be asked to take a seat in the waiting area. When it is your turn you will be called into a consulting room. You will be asked again for your name/address/date of birth prior to any test or consultation. This is important as staff need to ensure that the right patient is undergoing the right test or consultation. If at any time you do not understand something you have been told, please ask a member of staff who will explain.


If the doctor prescribes medicines at your appointment, you will be able to collect these from the hospital pharmacy. Normal prescription charges apply. If you are exempt from paying prescriptions charges you will need to bring proof of exemption with you to your appointment.

Booking follow-up appointments

The Trust has recently reviewed the way in which it currently books follow-up appointments. Patients who require a follow-up appointment within six weeks of their out-patient consultation will receive their appointment from the Clinic Receptionist before leaving the hospital. For patients who require an appointment in excess of six weeks, e.g. six months, one year etc., the Trust will write to the patient approximately six weeks before their due date and invite them to contact the Outpatient Contact Centre to make an appointment at a convenient date and time.

We hope by introducing this system that the number of appointments we have to cancel will reduce; and also the number of patients who fail to attend will also reduce because appointments are not made too far in advance.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Contact Centre on 0161 291 5120.