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As a patient at our hospital, you will have access to a bedside entertainment and communication system. This includes personal TV, phone and internet terminal for your individual use. This service is provided by Hospedia.

Every bed has a Hospedia bedside TV, phone and entertainment system to help make the patient’s stay as comfortable as possible.

The service at Wythenshawe Hospital offers:

  • Free TV from 8am to 12 noon (channels 1-5) and all TV channels from 7am – 7pm on children’s wards, a personal bedside telephone and number (transfers with you if you move bed within the hospital) with free calls 24/7 to 01, 02, 03 numbers, free radioand information services
  • Up to 29 TV channels, over 70 movies, Sky Sports channels and internet are also available within our range of entertainment packages

To access the services just set up a free account with the patient’s initial, surname and date of birth. This can be done at the bedside by following the prompts, or via our customer care team by using the bedside unit phone, or in advance or away from the bedside by calling 0345 414 1234.

Once registered, you can access free services or add credit to access a wider range of entertainment packages, to suit your needs and length of stay. There are a number of ways to pay at the bedside: credit/debit card or cash (via Hospedia smartcard, available from vending machines around the hospital), by lifting the phone on the unit and pressing the “customer care team” button on screen to speak to a Hospedia advisor.


Telephone – outgoing calls from the bedside to 01, 02, 03 numbers are free and calls to mobiles cost 25p per minute. Incoming calls to the bedside cost 50p per minute and may include additional charges from your provider.

Entertainment package charges, beyond the free services, vary by content and duration but TV, movies and internet can be enjoyed from £5 a day.

Television is free on children’s wards from 7.00am and 7.00pm but parents can purchase further viewing after 7.00pm if they wish.

Please note that internet is not available on children’s wards.

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