Maternity Services

From the moment your pregnancy is confirmed, our consultants and midwives will look after you and your baby every step of the way.
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We have been at the forefront at maternity and midwifery care for more than 50 years. Today, around 360 women give birth at MFT each month.

Our Maternity department is led by Obstetrics and Gynaecology Consultants. Obstetrics is the branch of medicine which looks after the healthcare of women before, during, and after childbirth, including care of newborn babies. Gynaecology is the branch of medicine which deals with the health of women’s reproductive systems.

If you choose to give birth at MFT our highly skilled, caring team, will support you to have the most healthy and smooth pregnancy and birth possible. We offer both a midwife-led birthing centre and a consultant-led delivery suite. Our facilities include the largest number of birthing pools in the country, making our unit a popular choice for women wanting to find out more about having a water birth.

Having your baby at MFT

We want to make your maternity experience as straightforward as possible. Once your pregnancy is confirmed, you will need to register your pregnancy by calling 0161 291 2942 or by sending an email to

Find out more about the different care we offer during and after your pregnancy below:

Antenatal care – getting ready for your delivery

Antenatal clinics focus on the medical side of pregnancy and ensure you and your baby remain as healthy as possible during pregnancy, labour and the birth. Once you have decided to give birth at MFT, you will be allocated one of our Specialist Midwives who will help arrange your antenatal care.

Giving birth – home births, the birth centre and delivery suite

Women with low-risk births can choose to give birth at home or in hospital. Your midwife will be able to talk you through home birth and arrange this if appropriate. If you choose to give birth in hospital, you will be admitted to our midwife-led Birth Centre, where our facilities include the largest number of birthing pools in the country. High risk births are delivered in our Consultant-led delivery suite.

Postnatal care – what to expect after your baby is born

After you have given birth, you will be transferred to one of our wards to recover and get ready to be discharged from hospital. We will be on hand to check that you and your baby are healthy and provide any treatment and support you need before going home.

Post-discharge care – starting your life together

The weeks and months after you give birth are extremely important in terms of bonding with your baby and making sure you are both progressing well health-wise. After discharge, your Community Midwife will visit you to make sure you are recovering well too, answer any questions, and arrange any extra treatment or support you need.

The Birth Centre

Support for Parents

Supervisors of midwives are available to give guidance and support to both you and midwives. They support the practice of midwives and ensure that the care offered is right for you, is given in the right place, by the right person and that it will benefit you and your baby.

They act as positive role model for midwives, guiding and supporting them in developing skills and expertise.

A supervisor of midwives can additionally help you by:

  • Listening and advocating on concerns
  • Supervising and advising you on your care choices
  • Discussing and debriefing you if you have any concerns about your care
  • Protecting the public by promoting safe practice

If you would like to speak with a Supervisor of Midwives you can contact them at the following email address:

Location of our maternity unit

The Maternity department is on Floats Road, at the back of the main hospital site in the hospital’s blue zone, through Entrance 13 or 3 – the main hospital entrance. If you enter through the main entrance, follow the signposts for the blue zone.

Contact the maternity team

We run regular tours around The Birth Centre and Delivery Suite. If you would like to book on a tour or contact our Maternity Unit for another other reason, please call Reception on 0161 291 2950.