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For most people who are in hospital, having family and friends to visit can make a real difference to their recovery. If you are coming to our hospital there are some simple things that you can do to make sure that you are prepared for your visit.

How to get here

Wythenshawe Hospital is situated in South Manchester and is easily accessible from the motorway network. For directions to the hospital, information on public transport, where to park and onsite facilities please visit the Getting to the hospital and Car parking pages of our website.

If you are visiting our hospital please ensure you are following the latest COVID-19 guidance

Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms.

Where to go

Our wards are divided into separate zones of the hospital. To help you we have directional signage and use a colour coding system. You can also download our hospital map.

F block wards

Follow the green route. These wards are located towards the centre of the hospital. Use the main entrance (entrance 3) or outpatients’ entrance (entrance 5) to access these wards.

Acute block wards

Follow the purple route. Use the main entrance (entrance 3) to access the Acute block.

Maternity wards

Follow the blue route. Maternity is situated on the south side of the hospital and has its own separate car park. Use Entrance 13 to access the maternity wards.

Visiting times

Our wards have different visiting times due to the many types of conditions and illnesses we treat at our hospital. Please check with ward staff as these are subject to change.


Not all our wards allow flowers for patients due to the infection control risk. Please check with a member of the ward staff to see if you are allowed to bring flowers for your friend or relative.

Simple do’s and don’ts

  • Please check with the ward staff if you can bring flowers and food items to the ward you are visiting.
  • Please adhere to visiting times and stay for short periods of time.
  • Please ensure that you wash your hands and use the hand gel provided to stop the spread of infection.
  • Please adhere to our patient charter which can be found on each ward to help make our patients stay as restful as possible.
  • Please ensure children are supervised at all times and do not disturb other patients.
  • Please don’t visit if you are feeling unwell.
  • Please don’t sit on the patient’s bed – use the chairs provided.
  • Please don’t put your feet on the patient’s bed.
  • Please don’t touch the patient’s wounds or any medical equipment they are attached to, such as drips or catheters. This can cause infections.
  • Please don’t use the patients’ toilets. Ask the ward staff where the nearest public toilets are.
  • Please don’t share property, such as toiletries, tissues or items of hospital equipment with the patients.

Zero Tolerance

The Trust has a zero policy to aggression, violence and verbal abuse. Police will be called to incidents where staff and other patients have been abused. Our patient charter can be found on each ward and we ask that you act in accordance with this.

Smoking policy

The Trust operates a no smoking policy in all our buildings and grounds. We ask that you respect this during your visit. If you have any questions regarding visiting a friend of relative, please ask a member of staff who will be able to assist you.