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The Cardiovascular Research Hub, based in the NIHR Building at MFT conducts research in a number of key areas that include cardiology, transplant, heart failure, stroke and diabetes.

We have a global reputation for the excellent recruitment of patients and as a consequence, we are often situated at the forefront of research that makes a genuine difference to the future of patient care.

  • Our Cardiology research portfolio includes studies using new medical devices and investigatory medicinal products in an effort to reduce the recurrence of any further heart problems.
  • Likewise, our transplant research portfolio holds innovative studies, including a study in which previously unusable lungs are now able to be utilised through new techniques to improve their condition and oxygenation levels.
  • Through collating information on patients who may be suitable for mechanical hearts, our heart failure research portfolio is committed to studies looking for new ways to treat the disease.
  • We collaborate closely with fellow research hubs in Greater Manchester through our research into strokes and Transient Ischaemic Attacks (TIA), investigating medicinal, surgical and rehabilitation therapies.
  • Finally, our diabetes research portfolio encompasses studies looking into new treatments for both Type I and Type II diabetes, and building a database to further help with research in the future to this growing patient population.

The Hub consists of a variety of staff who specialise in research – together we have over 50 years of combined experience. On a day-to-day level, studies are run by our dedicated research nurses who are each focused on particular disease areas. They are supported by Research Practitioners, who engage with clinical work such as taking blood samples and ECG reports. We have Clinical Trail Administrators (CTAs), who ensure data quality by liaising with trial sponsors to improve quality and efficiency of studies. They are managed by our Clinical Trails Managers, who are also committed to setting up trials.

Together we believe tomorrow’s treatments begin with today’s research – in order to sustain this we remain focused on the future. We have successfully awarded nurse student mentorship certification providing placements for student nurses, in addition to recently welcoming a new graduate intern to the team.

For further information about the Cardiovascular Hub please contact 0161 291 4565