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Nobody wants to stay in hospital for longer than they need to, so when you are admitted to hospital we will start planning for you to go home. Our nursing team will discuss this with you so you can make any necessary arrangements. Working together will ensure that you get safely home.

Leaving the ward

As soon as you have been assessed as being medically stable you will be discharged. On the day you leave hospital you are likely to be transferred to the discharge lounge. This is an area staffed by nurses, specifically for patients going home. It is at the front of the hospital near to the Outpatients Department. The discharge lounge provides a comfortable and safe environment for you to wait for your transport or family to collect you.

Discharge home

If you are discharged home, or to a nursing home there may be several things for the hospital to arrange and several staff may be involved in this process. If your discharge is straightforward you will need to:

  • Arrange transport home unless the hospital says that you will need an ambulance
  • Ask any questions you feel is necessary about your care or follow up care
  • Remember to collect all your belongings and any valuables
  • Take home any personal property you have had during your stay
  • Take home any drugs or medications that you have been prescribed


If you are prescribed medication to take with you we will give you one-week’s supply. If it is necessary for you to continue your treatment you will need to contact your GP for a repeat prescription. You may be charged for some medications; however, this will be discussed with you.

Support services

You may need some rehabilitation or extra help after your discharge. If so, this will be arranged by a discharge nurse, ward staff or multi-disciplinary care team. This team may involve social services, district nurses, occupational therapy or physiotherapy, the dieticians or the dementia care nurse. We will tell you about the care you may need before you are discharged from the ward.

Fit notes and claim forms

Please speak to a member of ward staff about this; they will be able to arrange fit notes and the signing of claim forms. You may be charged for some claim forms, but the ward will provide you with more information.

Transport home

We will ask you to arrange transport home when you leave hospital. In exceptional circumstances we may be able to arrange hospital transport. If you require any support please speak to your nursing team.

Follow-up appointments

If you require a follow-up appointment this will normally be organised before you leave the ward, alternatively you may receive this information in the post soon afterwards.

The Friends and Family Test

We ask all our patients if they would they recommend our hospital to family and friends. You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire before you go home. We value your feedback which helps us to improve our services.