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From your initial appointment through to diagnosis and treatment where needed, we are here to support you at every step. Our breast care team is proud to have a modern and welcoming building for our patients – Europe’s first ever purpose-built combined breast cancer prevention and treatment centre. It houses the Nightingale Centre, where we diagnose and treat breast cancer, and Prevent Breast Cancer, which focuses on predicting and preventing breast cancer. The Centre has been awarded the prestigious “Macmillan – Quality Environment Mark”.

We also house the UK’s largest Family History Clinic, run by specially trained nurses who give genetic counselling to patients at high risk of breast cancer.

Breast screening

The Greater Manchester Breast Screening Programme, co-ordinated by MFT, is one of the largest screening breast screening services in England, seeing 65,000 women every year. We provide a free breast screening service for women aged between 50 and 70 across Greater Manchester.

New patient clinics

If you have been referred to a breast clinic by your GP, your first appointment will be in one of our New Patient Clinics. You will be seen and examined by either a Consultant Breast Surgeon or by one of the Junior Doctors working in their team, helped by our team of dedicated breast clinic nurses.


A dedicated team of Consultant Breast Radiologists, Breast Radiographers and Clinic Nurses staff the Radiology Service at the Nightingale Centre. They specialise in performing and interpreting mammograms, ultrasound scans and MRI scans of the breast.

Benign (Harmless) Breast Conditions

The majority of people that come to our breast clinic are, after appropriate investigations, able to be reassured that there is a harmless cause for the breast changes they have noticed.

Breast cancer surgery and reconstruction

Some ladies that come to our clinics will, after scans and biopsy tests, be diagnosed with a breast cancer. If this is the case, we will help explain and guide you through your diagnosis and treatment options, and be there to help support you at all times.

Care after surgery

Approximately two weeks after surgery, you will see your Consultant and Specialist Nurse back at the Nightingale Centre clinic for your results.


Contact your GP if you are aged 50-70 and have not received a mammogram reminder, your GP can refer you for screening. If you are concerned about a possible breast lump or any changes in your breast please also arrange an appointment with your GP to see if a referral is necessary. If your GP feels that a referral to the breast clinic is needed you will be seen in clinic within two weeks of the date of referral. Interpreting services are also available if needed.

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The Nightingale Centre is situated on Southmoor Road opposite the main visitor’s car park but we also have our own car park. The nearest car parking pay station is located in the entrance of the Nightingale building. You are welcome to bring a relative or friend to wait with you before your appointment and they are welcome to attend your consultation.