Benign (Harmless) Breast Conditions

The majority of people that come to our breast clinic are, after appropriate investigations, able to be reassured that there is a harmless cause for the breast changes they have noticed.
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You may be told that the area is normal dense breast tissue, that you have a fluid filled cyst which can be drained in the same day with a small needle or have a harmless lump, often something called a Fibroadenoma. Even if your examination and mammogram/ultrasound scan all look benign (harmless) a needle biopsy test may be performed for confirmation, either using a mammogram or ultrasound scan machine, or by the doctor feeling the area of the lump. If you have a benign diagnosis, more information will be given to you by the team regarding this, including information leaflets. Often no more follow-up is needed and you can be discharged from the clinic either the same day or after your biopsy results.