Dr Susana Marinho Consultant Allergist & Clinical Lead
Dr Marina Tsoumani Consultant Allergist
Professor Angela Simpson Professor of Respiratory Medicine with interest in Allergy
Dr Vincent St Aubyn Crump Locum Consultant Allergist
Dr Hannah Durrington Honorary  Respiratory Physician
Dr Samia Azmi Allergy STR
Dr Jia Li Liau Allergy STR
Dr Georgios Gkimpas Clinical Fellow in Allergy
Dr Steven Knight Consultant Anaesthetist   (perioperative anaphylaxis MDT)
Nurses, HCWs & AHPs
Ms Fiona Chew Allergy Nurse Specialist
Ms Jenny Addison Allergy Nurse Specialist
Ms Caroline Shearson Staff Nurse
Ms Jollykutty Joseph Staff Nurse
Ms Hollie Burrows Staff Nurse
Ms Claire Wright Allergy Dietitian
Dr Azza Aglan Principal Clinical Psychologist – Allergy
Ms Mariola Zmudzka Health Care Worker
Ms Natty Sinclair Health Care Worker
Secretaries and other administrative staff
Ms Samantha Peckitt Allergy Office Manager
Ms Christine Gillett Allergy Secretary
Ms Joanna Chadwick Allergy Secretary
Jo Bagnell Allergy Bookings and Waiting List Clerk
Vacant Allergy Audio-typist
Mr David Coppel Allergy Concierge/Caretaker