Fracture Clinic

This department deals with patients who have been diagnosed with a fracture in A&E or have been sent by their GP with a suspected fracture.

The Fracture Clinic is not a drop in centre, but is run on an appointment system only. Please telephone for an appointment and always bring your appointment card with you.

On arrival, please go to the reception desk through the Fracture Clinic entrance on the right hand side. The desk clerk will confirm your details and appointment time and make sure your notes are available. You will be asked to take a seat in the waiting room until the doctor is free to see you. You might be sent for an x-ray before you see the doctor if they have already decided that you need a check x-ray based on your last clinic visit or from reviewing your notes.

What to expect in clinic

It is common to have several doctors seeing patients with different problems. It may seem you are being called out of turn. This is because patients may have to be seen or treated by a different doctor or a technician or nurse. The clinic is similar to an A&E department as we do not know what treatments are required until patients have had their consultation with the doctor.

You could be waiting for a while, depending on how many patients are on the list. If your fracture Clinic appointment coincides with other medical appointments, it may be advisable to ask the clerk for an alternative appointment. If you have arrived by ambulance, you may have to wait for a period of time for your ambulance to collect you as this is a very busy service.

We often have medical students working in the department as part of their training. If you would prefer that a student is not present during your consultation, this is within your rights. Please inform a member of the clinic staff when you arrive for your appointment.

Going for an x-ray

The nurse or doctor will request your x-ray using the electronic hospital system and you will be given a slip of paper with your patient details to take to the x-ray department. There are two x-ray departments and if you are unable to walk the distance, we can arrange for a porter to take you there and bring you back. There may be a wait for your x-ray if the department is very busy.

Once you have been x-rayed you will be given a slip of paper to bring back to the fracture clinic. Please hand this in to the nurse at the front desk and you will be asked to take a seat in the waiting room until the doctor is free to see you. If you would like copies of your x-rays, you will need to ask the x-ray department for a form for the doctor to fill in. We can then provide a disk of your images for a small fee.

The treatment room

Once you have seen the doctor you may be given a piece of paper requesting a treatment such as application of a cast or splint, or review of a surgical wound. This treatment request should be shown to the nurse at the front desk who will direct you to the treatment waiting room ready to be seen when a space becomes available.

Some treatments can take a long time and patients may need to return more than once on that day. We may for example need to take a patient’s cast off to remove sutures or clean and dress a wound before x-ray. On your return to Fracture Clinic you may need a new cast which can extend your wait in clinic.

Physiotherapy and crutches

Following your consultation, your doctor may send you to see one of our physiotherapists. We have a musculoskeletal physiotherapist allocated to each fracture clinic who will assess you and provide you with some initial exercises to get you started. If they feel it is necessary, they will give you contact details to book a review appointment. Physiotherapists are also responsible for providing you with crutches and other mobility aids and teaching you how to use these safely.

Sick notes and insurance forms

If you need a sick note for work, please ask the doctors when being seen by them. Private insurance forms should be left for the doctors to complete at the end of the clinic session, or sent by post to your consultant’s secretary for completing.

Further investigations and tests (CT, MR and Ultrasound scans)

Your doctor might refer you for further investigations such as a CT, MR or Ultrasound scan. You will be given a phone number to contact to book your appointment for the scan as an out-patient. If your scan is clinically urgent, your doctor will discuss this with a consultant radiologist to find a slot for you, but otherwise you may have to wait a few weeks for your scan. Once your doctor has the results of the scan, we will contact you with a follow-up appointment.

Where are we

We are located in the purple zone between the A&E department and the main hospital entrance and can be accessed from outside via Entrance 1 through the door marked ‘Fracture Clinic’, or from the main hospital entrance by following the signs for the Fracture Clinic.

The nearest car park to the Fracture Clinic is the main visitor car park in front of the acute block which can be accessed from Southmoor Road. Disabled parking bays are also available for Blue Badge holders.


Fracture clinic appointments / enquires: 0161 291 6131
Cast / treatment enquires only: 0161 291 6138
Fracture Clinic Sister: 0161 291 6162
Physiotherapy department: 0161 291 2178
Orthotics and Surgical Appliances: 0161 291 2431
Main hospital switchboard: 0161 998 7070