Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Centre

When people are diagnosed with cancer, their lives and those of their families can be affected in a wide range of unexpected ways.

As well as supporting people through their medical cancer treatment, we recognised a need for a place for them to talk through the related everyday concerns that having a cancer diagnosis can bring.

The Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Centre at MFT offer a warm, friendly, safe environment for patients, relatives and friends, to find support and most important – a place to talk through concerns. A quiet room is available and everything divulged at the centre is kept in the strictest confidence. We work closely with the specialist cancer teams and the Macmillan Supportive and Palliative Care Team at MFT to support our patients through their diagnosis and treatment and beyond.

If you are looking for information about any aspect of cancer diagnosis and treatment, we have up to date, accurate information on all aspects of cancer. This is available in written form and DVD’s, CD’s, in different languages, and for people with learning impairments including in Braille. We provide information across three sites – the Macmillan Centre at Wythenshawe Hospital, the information pod at Withington Hospital, and the information stand at the Cecilia Unit.

We can also support people with internet access and finding information from reputable sites. If you have been given an ‘information prescription’ – a link to a special NHS information site – we can offer help with tailoring the information to your specific needs. We also have links to local help and support and e.g. CALL and Neil Cliffe. Many patients find their ability to work or access benefits can be affected by a cancer diagnosis and we help people to use the Macmillan benefits on-line tool to navigate the benefits system.

Most importantly, we have a very welcoming environment to talk through concerns and issues and the service is there for patients/relatives and friends. Our aim is to help with all aspects of cancer treatment and living with cancer including support if cancer returns.

Services available include:

  • Benefits advice
  • Job and employment advice and support
  • Specialist Cancer Psychologist
  • Cancer Nurse Counselling Specialist
  • One-to-ones with specific Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • Macmillan Relate Counsellor specialising in psycho-sexual issues, body image difficulties, and intimacy problems that cancer and treatments can cause
  • Cancer awareness and prevention events, to improve knowledge and understanding about cancer and Macmillan services
  • Training and development for staff to help improve patients outcomes
  • Events for staff and public, bringing together specialists under one roof
  • The HOPE (Help Overcome Problems Effectively) course- a six week course to help regain confidence, make sense of it all and move forward
  • Macmillan Connections – a way to rebuild social networks, reduce isolation and find the ‘you in you’ again by being with like minded people and having a chat, a laugh, and getting support. Activities include our Connections walking groups, yoga and mindfulness, craft groups, Macmillan allotment, make up days, and much more

The Centre is located near the main entrance of the hospital (take the corridor to the right after the information desk). It is open Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays) from 9am-4pm.
You can also contact us via email at, by telephone on 0161 291 4876, or through our Facebook page.

Macmillan Connections – the real social network

Macmillan Connections is a new initiative to help support people affected by cancer. Our patients have told us that it can be difficult to re-gain confidence, energy and motivation after undergoing treatment for cancer. It is common to feel lost or isolated.

That’s why we’ve developed Macmillan Connections to help you link with others in the same situation with shared interests. This could involve anything from walking to craft, swimming, fishing or just meeting up for a coffee and chat. It offers a chance to grow your own social network and have someone to go to activities or events with, rather than having to go alone.

Apart from our own groups we have many Macmillan Connections-friendly locations throughout the local area and we can connect with them to provide activities for most interests.

Please contact the Centre on 0161 291 4876 to find out more and if we haven’t started up a group in your area of interest, just ask – we are always open to new ideas.