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The Manchester Pain Service is an integrated multidisciplinary pain service providing support to patients experiencing a spectrum of acute and chronic pain.

Pain can be a short-term condition that gets better with healing – we call this acute pain; it is normally a result of injury or illness. Our purpose is try to help optimise your pain management during your hospital stay following surgical procedures or trauma when possible. We also provide support and education to the clinical staff involved in providing care in the hospital.

Pain that persists for longer than three months is what we consider to be Chronic pain. Chronic Pain does not always correlate with tissue damage and can persist after healing has completed. Chronic pain can have an impact on a person’s Mental, Social and physical health. The overall aim of pain management is to reduce suffering and increase function where possible. We’re not always able to ‘cure’ this type of pain but Specialist Services such as The Manchester Pain Service are able to provide support for these types of conditions through options such as Medications Management, Pain Self-Management and Pain Interventions in the Pain Clinic based at The Baguley Suite in Wythenshawe Hospital and Trafford General Hospital.

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