TIA Service

Transient Ischemic Attacks, or TIAs, are sometimes described as a ‘mini strokes’ as the symptoms can be similar.

This can include sudden weakness to the arm or leg, difficulty with speaking or understanding others, or sudden problems with vision or balance. If you or someone you know seems to have any of these symptoms, call 999. Find out more about our stroke services here.

TIAs are caused by a blockage to the blood flow to part of the brain. While the symptoms are similar to a stroke, they can last from just a few minutes to up to 24 hours. If patients who have had a TIA are treated quickly and thoroughly, it is possible to reduce their risk of having a stroke in the future.

Why choose our service?

Our TIA clinic runs five days a week and we aim to see all people who have had a high-risk TIAs at the next scheduled clinic. Testing is vital to determine the severity and risk of the patient’s TIA and we offer same-day MR scanning and carotid imaging. We can also issue prescriptions for urgent stroke prevention medication for the hospital pharmacy rather than asking people to wait to see their GPs. Blood tests and ECGs can be carried out at the clinic if needed.

At MFT we have vascular surgeons on-site and the stroke service team works closely with these colleagues. Patients who have a TIA often have carotid stenosis – narrowing of the two major arteries that carry oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the brain. Surgery is often necessary and these patients can be discussed with the vascular surgeons on the same day they are admitted and seen by a surgeon that day if needed.


If you are a GP wanting to refer a patient, please do not go through the MFT call centre. You can fax your referral to 0161 291 6075. The phone number or our secretary is 0161 291 6374 .

For patients within MFT, the stroke specialist nurses can book directly into the TIA clinic. Patients in A&E/Emergency Department can book directly into the TIA clinic.