Diabetes is the fastest growing health threat in the UK and it is estimated that 1 in 16 people have either diagnosed or undiagnosed diabetes. It is a lifelong condition but one which can be managed effectively with the right care.

Here at MFT, our dedicated diabetes team aims to help patients with diabetes to help themselves and stay as well as possible.

Our Diabetes Team consists of consultants, junior doctors, specialist nurses, dieticians and podiatrists, all highly skilled in treating people with diabetes. We treat Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes with specialist clinics available for joint diabetes, ante-natal care (including gestational diabetes), diabetes with renal and vascular complications, active diabetic foot ulcers, diabetes related erectile dysfunction. We offer patient structured education for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

The general diabetes clinic focuses on blood glucose control and the prevention and treatment of complications of diabetes. We can also provide patients with a range of educational information and tools to help them to manage their diabetes day to day and stay healthy.

If you have an appointment at the clinic, please bring with you a list of your medications, a urine sample, any blood glucose monitoring or blood pressure records you may have, a copy of your latest eye screening report if you have one and a print out of your annual review held at your GP surgery if you have one.


If you feel you need help with monitoring and treating your diabetes, speak to your GP about being referred to our Diabetes Centre for specialist support. Referrals are accepted via GPs and Specialists via choose and book or faxed urgent referrals to 0161 291 5324. The service covers South Manchester, Trafford, Central Manchester, Stockport and East Cheshire.

Patients with a South Manchester GP or under a diabetes consultant at MFT can access the diabetes nurse clinics or telephone the support helpline on 0161 945 8203.

Contact Us

Diabetes Ward F12 – 0161 291 4333
Senior Research Nurse – 0161 291 2888
Specialist Nurse (inpatients) – 0161 291 5089
Specialist Dietician – 0161 291 5089
Specialist Nurse (community) – 0161 291 5752
Specialist Podiatrist (via switchboard) – 0161 998 7070


The Diabetes Centre at Wythenshawe Hospital is located in the Orange Zone. From the South Entrance of the Hospital, walk towards the main hospital complex, keeping the red-brick building on your right hand side. To enter the diabetes centre, use the blue double doors at the end of the furthest end of the red brick building. We are located on the right hand side. Nutrition & Dietetics is located on through another set of double doors on the left hand side.

Outpatient clinics are held both at Wythenshawe and Withington Community Hospital main outpatient departments. Referrals are accepted via GPs and Specialists via choose and book or faxed urgent referrals to 0161 291 5324