News posted 18 March, 2020

Hotel Football and Stock Exchange offered to the NHS to support healthcare professionals

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  • Hotel Football and Stock Exchange offered to the NHS to support healthcare professionals

Hotel Football and Stock Exchange to close temporarily.

  • All staff to be kept in employment.
  • Hotel Football and Stock Exchange offered to the NHS to support healthcare professionals.

In light of the current situation brought about by the COVID-19 virus, GG Hospitality has today taken the decision to close the two hotels under its management temporarily. Hotel Football in Trafford and Stock Exchange Hotel in the City Centre will close with effect from Sunday the 22nd of March.

The company is doing this to ensure that the health and welfare of all of its team members as well as that of its guests is safeguarded to the best of its ability at all times.

In taking this decision GG Hospitality also announced that it will not be making any member of its staff redundant or putting anyone on unpaid leave.  The company is working with its team to put a package in place for all staff members for the months ahead, following which the hope is that things would have returned to normal.  While health and safety remain the company’s primarily concern the economic situation of each individual team member is also being given utmost priority.

GG Hospitality has further announced that following discussions that took place over the past week with Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT), the company will be accommodating their healthcare workers and medical professionals free of charge at Hotel Football in Trafford and at Stock Exchange Hotel in the City center in order to provide them with a comfortable place to stay in these challenging times.

In a comment to the press, GG Hospitality CEO, Winston Zahra, explained that, “we are living in unprecedented times and we have taken these decisions in the most responsible way possible and in a way that supports our team members while also extending further support to the wider community and ensuring our business is stronger when things get back to normal”.

Gary Neville, one of the main shareholders of GG Hospitality and the two properties further stated that, “we have taken this decision as we believe in being proactive and decisive. We feel that we have a responsibility to protect our team members and as shareholders we have put together the resources to put us in the best position to do this.  Our company’s success is all down to our team and we feel it is critical that we look after everyone in these challenging times.

We have been putting plans together for the past four weeks and have triggered various actions as things have developed.  A key consideration in our plans was to try and support the wider community and more specifically our local NHS hospitals. By offering both our hotels without cost to the health service we hope that this gives some support to the healthcare professionals in a time when they need it.

We will reopen once the situation is declared safe and, in the meantime, we will do our utmost to ensure our team members are looked after and where possible we will help the wider community.  These are not easy times, but we are confident we will come out on the other end stronger as a company and as a community”.

Gill Heaton, Group Deputy Chief Executive at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT), said; “A huge thank you to Gary and the team at GG Hospitality for this incredible gesture. This will give a real boost to our hard-working NHS staff at MFT who are working round the clock to provide care for the communities we serve.”