News posted 9 October, 2020

Milestone 5,000 participants recruited to COVID-19 research studies at MFT

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  • Milestone 5,000 participants recruited to COVID-19 research studies at MFT

In a significant moment for Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) more than 5,000 participants have now taken part in our COVID-19 research studies.

This encompasses a broad range of research – from coronavirus patients being cared for in our hospitals consenting to take part in interventional trials for potential treatments – to children and teachers in our local communities volunteering to participate in longer-term observational studies, measuring the presence and development of antibody rates over time.

Many MFT staff members are also taking part in a broad range of COVID-19 studies, with healthcare workers a key population group for research related to the virus.

Prof Neil Hanley, Group Director of Research and Innovation (R&I) at MFT and Professor of Medicine at The University of Manchester (UoM), said: “Research is fundamentally about delivering when it really matters, when there are national emergencies and we don’t have the answers ready-made and sat waiting for us.

“It’s at times like this – when we have to come up with the answers quickly– that cutting-edge research and innovation come to the forefront.

“Our Research and Innovation staff at MFT have excelled under unprecedented challenges, demands and pressure; ensuring studies are set-up rapidly and safely, recruiting patients to take part in them and even designing an innovative PPE respirator that could provide a breakthrough in the fight against COVID-19. I’d like to extend my personal thanks for every person involved with COVID-19 research and innovation at our Trust.”

Dr Iain McLean, Managing Director for Research and Innovation at MFT said: “I’d like to thank every one of the 5,000 people who have taken part in coronavirus studies at MFT so far, as every participant who takes part in our research is making a valuable contribution to the coordinated effort to enhance understanding of this global pandemic.

“Through research, we already know so much more about how to treat coronavirus and increase survival rates in patients hospitalised with severe respiratory complications caused by it – and this simply wouldn’t be the case without people taking part in studies.

“Our research into COVID-19 continues – and we have more studies in set-up at MFT– so I hope and expect to see many more people take part in our urgent public health research.”

Sir Michael Deegan, MFT Group Chief Executive, said: “The impact of COVID-19 on NHS services cannot be underestimated. We have always been proud of our cutting-edge R&I at MFT, now more than ever as it joins with our academic and clinical partners across Greater Manchester to support the worldwide effort to tackle COVID-19.”