News posted 7 November, 2022

Great grandfather Victor hails ‘magical garden’ at North Manchester General Hospital

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Great grandfather Victor hails ‘magical garden’ at North Manchester General Hospital


A Failsworth great-grandfather who officially opened a new garden for patients and staff at North Manchester General Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has described it as ‘magical’.

Victor Lund previously spent 64 days on the ICU after contracting severe pneumonia. While recovering on the ICU, he discussed the idea of a garden to help both patients and staff with Allison Keegan, an Advanced Critical Care Practitioner.

Allison corralled colleagues and supporters and has now turned Victor’s garden vision into a reality.

Victor, 77, who became a Great Grandfather in August with the birth of his granddaughter, Olivia, said: “I just wanted to go out into the garden and feel the air and breeze through my hair. You can’t beat the fresh air – it makes you feel so much better – I think it’s a magical garden.

“I want to thank everyone for letting me open the ICU garden which will benefit patients recovering from their trauma, along with the staff. I would like to thank the staff in ICU who all saved my life. Words can never be enough for everything they did to keep me alive.

“I’d like to give a special thank you to Allison Keegan, who took me outside of ICU – it always made my day and made me want to get better. Being able to open the garden with Allison was a dream come true – thanks for making it all happen!”

Allison, who secured the support of organisations including contractors on the new North Manchester General Hospital development, said: “It’s a fantastic feeling to get to the end of the ICU garden project. There’s lots of evidence that being outside helps patients become less confused and can also reduce the length of stay. It really does help with patients’ morale – if they have been inside for weeks and weeks then there is a massive difference to their well-being when they can go outside.”

Kathy Cowell, Chairman of Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, which is responsible for NMGH, added: “It was humbling to attend the opening ceremony with former patients, their families, staff and supporters. Allison’s work to bring people together in partnership to bring Victor’s dream to life really reflects our values – putting our patients at the heart of everything we do. This is a fantastic resource for patients and staff alike.”

PRAISE: Victor with Allison Keegan, ICU Advanced Care Practitioner.
FRUITION: Victor, far right, is joined by Allison Keegan, Advanced Care Practitioner (centre) representatives of Novus, Morgan Sindall Group, Kathy Cowell OBE, Chairman of MFT (far left) who is next to Chief Executive of North Manchester General Hospital Ian Lurcock.