News posted 20 November, 2023

Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital holds successful ‘Super Theatre’ days

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Magic, play therapy and surgical expertise joined forces recently over the course of just seven days, as Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and Wythenshawe Hospital tirelessly performed 143 surgeries during what they dubbed ‘Super Theatre’ days.

The initiative is part of ongoing work to reduce wait times for Greater Manchester children and their families.

The Super Surgery events, days with increased staffing levels and a focus on optimising flow, meant more children could have their procedures over a shorter space of time.

On the first two days alone 81 surgeries were carried out, a 100% increase on a typical day at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Josie McCabe, Transformation and Achieving Value Lead of Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, said: “As a hospital, we are always reflecting on our waiting list and asking ourselves: ‘How can we improve our flow and reduce waiting times for our children and young people?’

“The super surgery events were a success due to the meticulous planning and collaboration from the whole team, from our booking and scheduling staff through to recovery, who all worked tirelessly to ensure the days ran safely and efficiently.”

“This included our Magic Makers and play therapists who were on hand to make sure that our children were at ease and highly entertained throughout the day”.

The procedures were made up of four specialities: Paediatric Surgery, Urology, Plastics and Ear Nose Throat. All were high volume, low complexity procedures which focussed on children and young people who have experienced a longer wait time. Every single child treated during the events was discharged and able to go home on the same day.

A further paediatric Ear Nose Throat week was held at the Starlight Theatre at Wythenshawe Hospital, where 63 surgeries were delivered – approximately 50% increase on usual throughput at the unit.

One parent of a patient said: “Every single member of staff has been patient, kind and informative. A brilliant service, incredible team and the best hospital experience I’ve ever had”.

Stephen Dickson, Chief Executive of RMCH said; “I’m so proud of what our hospital has managed to accomplish. Patients have provided incredible feedback and we couldn’t have achieved it without this level of professionalism from our colleagues.”

“This was only possible thanks to the hard work of colleagues across all of our paediatric services who worked incredibly hard to organise these ‘Super Theatre’ days.”