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Hospital Site / MCS Lead Research Champion Associate Research Champion Job Title Contact Details
Wythenshawe Hospital   Brooke Bianco Cystic Fibrosis Research Nurse Bianco.Brooke@mft.nhs.uk
Trafford General Hospital Helen Hurst   Consultant Nurse helen.hurst@mft.nhs.uk
Trafford General Hospital   Keri Furniss Consultant Nurse keri.furniss@mft.nhs.uk
MRI Lisa Cottrell   Consultant Nurse lisa.cottrell@mft.nhs.uk
MRI Frank Bowling   Podiatric Surgeon & Reader in Diabetes (Translational Medicine), University of Manchester frank.bowling@icloud.com
MRI (acute med and community) Karen Kemp   Consultant Nurse karen.kemp@mft.nhs.uk
MREH John Cooper (Nurse)   Oculoplastic Nurse Specialist john.cooper@mft.nhs.uk
MREH Rita McLauchlan   Vitreortinal Nurse Practitioner rita.mclaughlan@mft.nhs.uk
LCO Janet Suckley   Consultant Physiotherapist janet.suckley@mft.nhs.uk
RMCH Claire Jennings   Research & Audit Nurse claire.jennings@mft.nhs.uk
RMCH   Letitia Cooper Cardiac Specialist Nurse letitia.cooper@mft.nhs.uk
RMCH   Charlotte Pedley Highly Specialised Physiotherapist in Metabolic Bone Disease charlotte.pedley@mft.nhs.uk
RMCH   Miriam Avery Staff Nurse miriam.avery@mft.nhs.uk
RMCH   Emma Dewhurst Advanced Clinical Practitioner – Neurosciences emma.dewhurst@mft.nhs.uk
RMCH   Claire Latham   claire.latham@mft.nhs.uk
RMCH Marie Marshall   Consultant Nurse marie.marshall@mft.nhs.uk
RMCH & CSS (AHPs) Samantha Jones (AHP)   Physiotherapist & NIHR Clinical Academic Doctoral Fellow samantha.jones@mft.nhs.uk
CSS (AHPs) Justine Theaker   Consultant AHP justine.theaker@mft.nhs.uk
CSS – MRI James Burrows   Matron, Cardiothoracic Surgery James.burrows@mft.nhs.uk
UDHM Angela Rowbothan   Dental Research Nurse Angela.Mccarthy@mft.nhs.uk
St Mary’s Kylie Watson   NIHR Clinical Doctoral Fellow and Senior Midwife Kylie.Watson@mft.nhs.uk
St Mary’s Nicki Booth   Senior Clinical Research Nurse/Team Lead Nicola.Booth@mft.nhs.uk
R&I, St Mary’s   Sarah Lee Midwife sarah.lee@mft.nhs.uk
R&I, MRI Womba Mubita   Senior Clinical Research Nurse womba.mubita@mft.nhs.uk
R&I, Wythenshawe   Sarra Giannopoulou Research Nurse sarra.giannopoulou@mft.nhs.uk