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This page contains information and links to our Patient Safety Improvement Plans (PSIRPS)

Using an approach grounded in patient safety science, we are challenging ourselves to do Safety Differently across MFT using the following three principles to help us:

  1. First and foremost, we are clear that patient safety is the ethical responsibility of every member of our staff, and of the organisation as a whole: this underpins our ambition to do Safety Differently.
  2. Doing Safety Differently means that we are continuously curious, openly seeking knowledge and data about the safety of our services from many different sources, especially from our patients and our people. We use this information to understand patient safety as the presence of positives rather than the absence of negatives, this means that we will understand how reliable our approach is to providing safe care to our patients in a different way.
  3. We see our people, our patients and our local communities as the solution to doing Safety Differently, helping us
    understand through meaningful involvement and engagement how we can improve the safety of our services