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Suicidal Thoughts are thinking about the act of wanting to intentionally ending your own life.

Thoughts can range from quick thoughts of ending your life for no apparent reason, or thinking it would solve everything, to thinking about how, to making plans to do it.

You might think:

– There is no point anymore

– Negative thoughts about yourself and your life

– I can’t solve my problems,

I can’t cope

– feel like others would be better off without you

You might feel:

  • Hopeless
  • Tearful
  • Overwhelmed
  • Useless
  • Numb

All of these thoughts and feelings can leave you feeling scared and confused.

How common?

You aren’t alone. Many young people think about suicide at some point. And it’s common not to understand why you feel this way.


Suicidal thoughts can affect anybody, any gender, any age, any time. It is often a combination of a few things, some examples are:

  • Feeling low or depressed
  • Losing someone close to you
  • Being bullied or fear of…
  • Loss of friendship
  • Big changes in life
  • Small changes in life
  • Loneliness
  • Doubts about gender or sexual identity
  • Struggling to solve problems
  • Someone you know dies by suicide

Reasons are different for lots of people.

So what do I do?

Remember there is a reason why thoughts occur but they are temporary.

  • Don’t panic – some young people say that quick suicidal thoughts can be distracted from by refocusing on what they are doing at the time, playing music, watching TV, being with friends…
  • If the thoughts become more worrying and you feel unable to keep safe – the sooner you let someone know how you are feeling the sooner you can get help.
  • Tell someone you trust how you are feeling, ASAP. This could be a GP, tutor, college staff, parent / carer. If you feel unable to tell them maybe a friend could help you tell them.
  • Remember when these people are available eg. Tutors only available in college time.
  • Telephone services can be a great way of getting support – Childline, Samaritans etc
  • If you need immediate help go to your local A and E.

Always ask for help – talking can feel tough but others are there to help.

Remember – suicidal thoughts aren’t permanent, things can and do improve.