Community Diagnostic Centres (CDC)

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In October 2021, we began delivering additional diagnostic testing at Withington Community Hospital and Trafford General Hospital as part of our new Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC) programme. Since then, the two sites have delivered almost 100,000 diagnostic tests for patients, helping to diagnose issues earlier and reduce wait times.

What are Community Diagnostic Centres?

CDCs provide a broad range of elective diagnostics (including checks, scans and tests) away from our major hospital sites such as Manchester Royal Infirmary, Wythenshawe Hospital and North Manchester General Hospital.

This not only reduces pressure on our hospitals, but provides our patients with access to diagnostic appointments with shorter waiting times and at times that are more convenient for them – such as evenings and weekends.

Thanks to the additional testing capacity within the community that CDCs provide, we’re able to diagnose issues earlier, reduce health inequalities, and improve health outcomes for our patients.

Patients are able to have diagnostic testing appointments at our CDCs in the following areas:

  • Imaging – scans including X-Rays and ultrasounds
  • Cardiology – heart diagnostic tests such as echocardiograms
  • Respiratory – lung tests
  • Pathology – blood testing
  • Endoscopy – tests to look inside your body including colonoscopies
  • Ophthalmology – Eye tests including retinal imaging

What are the benefits of our Community Diagnostic Centres?

  • Patients are able to have multiple tests on the same day in the same place, providing more convenient access to diagnostic tests
  • Waiting times for appointments are shorter
  • Disease can be diagnosed at an earlier stage of progression, improving the chances of successful treatment
  • Local patients will have access to some of the most advanced diagnostic technology available to the NHS
  • Earlier diagnosis of both cancer and cardio-respiratory disease, resulting in improved outcomes for patients
  • A contribution to the NHS’ net zero ambitions; by providing multiple tests at one visit, this will reduce the number of patient journeys and cut carbon emissions and air pollution

How can patients access the Community Diagnostic Centre?

Your GP or hospital care team will refer you for your required diagnostic test, at which point you will be able to select the most convenient location for you.

The CDC provides an additional choice for patients, and doesn’t replace any of your current options, so you may wish to have your appointment at the CDC, your GP surgery, or another MFT hospital site.

What’s next for our Community Diagnostic Centres?

Testing activity is currently being carried out within our existing Withington and Trafford hospital sites, and we’re delighted to have begun the enabling works for a new, purpose-built Community Diagnostic Centre, providing even better access to testing in the community.

The centre, which has been made possible by a £14.9m award by NHS England, will enable us to extend Withington Community Hospital, creating a one-stop-shop for checks, scans and tests.

The innovative centre, which is due to open in 2025, will feature cutting edge technology and provide patients with access to some of the most advanced diagnostic equipment available to the NHS.

In addition to the community diagnostic centre activity currently taking place at Withington and Trafford, plans are in place plan to provide CDC services in the North Manchester area.

You can find out more about Community Diagnostic Centres by visiting the NHS England website.


On Tuesday June 13 we’re hosting an inclusive recruitment event to fill a range of exciting roles at our Community Diagnostic Centres. Click here to find out more about this event.