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On 1 October 2017 CMFT and UHSM joined together to create a new Foundation Trust, called Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT).

How will our MFT maximise the impact of our research for our patients?

This new, city wide Trust will provide better, more consistent care that’s fit for the future of people living in the City of Manchester, Trafford and beyond. MFT will be the UK’s largest provider of healthcare, caring for 3 million patients a year.

From a research perspective, the single hospital service provides a number of exciting opportunities:

  • Improved access to research, leading to better participant recruitment and improved patient outcomes
  • Accelerated adoption of research and innovation into routine clinical practice
  • A driver to leverage additional research income
  • A more efficient and effective service for companies wanting to trial new tests, medicines and devices

For the time being, we will continue to use same processes for the set-up and delivery of research studies as were used previously.