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Our Team

The team at the Manchester Centre for Neonatal Surgery is made up of passionate, highly specialised people. Bringing together specialists from a number of disciplines ensures your child gets comprehensive and personalised care. Our team consists of the following disciplines.



The team of consultants involved at the centre include:


We have a strong team of nurses too. We’re just preparing some information on their roles and will publish here soon.

Allied Health Professionals – Specialised Dietician

The neonatal dietitian works with the team to guide feeding decisions including feed type, method of feeding and progression from parenteral nutrition (nutrition directly into the blood stream) to feeding into the stomach after a baby’s operation. This is to ensure the best possible nutrition, growth and development for your baby

Allied Health Professionals – Specialised Physiotherapy

Neonatal physiotherapists are involved in the holistic support of babies through early intervention and education of families and staff to optimise developmental outcomes, which includes:

  • developmentally supportive care
  • respiratory care
  • neurological assessment
  • follow up of infants in greater need
  • orthopaedic services

Allied Health Professionals – Specialised Speech and Language Therapy (SALT)

Speech & Language Therapists support your baby’s feeding journey ensuring they have positive oral experiences and develop effective & efficient feeding skills through their early years